What's your oldest graded book (age of grading-not book)

I was going through my books and was surprised just how old this graded book is.
Graded in Feb of 2001. CGC was just a baby at that point lol.
Funny thing is, I sent a bunch of Star Wars books in then. All beautiful. Sold them all over the years, but kept this. One of few good calls.


That’s a beauty.

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@IbukiLord When was the time frame it was graded? That was sort of what I was curious about with everyone…how far back folks were having their books graded.
Beautiful book!

Misread the post, this one is new, was graded this year, 29th May 2020 it was graded. I have older slabs but would have to pull them out, this is my oldest book that is slabbed so the opposite of the post :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love the old CGC red labels.