When does an comic error equal speculation?

Question for the group; Moon Knight 188 has a lenticular version, and there are covers that are printed that do not have the lenticular effect. I have 4-5 of the regular lenticular and a couple of the non-lenticular version, and there is absolutely a difference. The non-lenticular runs about ~$75, but I do not see it recognized anywhere as a mistake.

Do you feel errors in comics, mistakes regarding what they “should” have been that are not, have value beyond the value of the comic it should have been? Another example would be the “darkened” printings of Edge of Spider-Verse 2, the black printing error, which are recognized.

I know that there are collectors that thrive on errors and mistakes, to each their own, but when is a comic error an established speculation opportunity?

They printed the lenticulars without lenticular in 1st and 2nd prints

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Yep, 2nd prints were non-lenticular. First appearance of Sun King in that book.

I guess I should have specified 1st printing on 188. Were they purposely printed without the lenticular or was it an error? I really can’t find much information on it, using Googlemaster 2020

All of the lenticular Marvel Legacy covers got 2nd/5th prints without the lenticular gimmick.

So is the 1st printing, without the lenticular, an error or just “different”?

Look on the barcode…

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Post a pic of the book in question, and it’s barcode. That will clear things up, imo.

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Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the barcode, as there wasn’t one and just presumed it was on the back, which it wasn’t. I would guess it is manipulated; the lenticular cover could be removed that has the barcode, leaving the inner cover, which has no barcode. Whether the cover was never on or purposely removed, I would treat it as a book with a missing cover. One of the two that I have was purchased off the shelf though, and the other I paid $20 for about a year ago. Learned the lesson to look for barcodes!

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Which cover do you have? The regular cover A is not lenticular and different art.

The B cover is the Moon Knight 25 homage which is lenticular first print and non lenticular second print.

I have them all…the OCD part of my collecting doesn’t really allow a MK book to go uncollected. If you grab your 1st printing of 188, the lenticular cover, and pretend that you “remove” that from the book, you end up with a non-lenticular “cover”. I purchased one of these off the shelf when it came out, thinking it was just a variant without the lenticular part.

After the points brought up about looking at the barcode, the inner part of the cover doesn’t have it, so what I actually had purchased was an incomplete book, not an error. There is no way to prove that it was made or not made that way, and could probably be seen as a way to scam people, though I know it is possible for it to have come that way. This is a picture of the book that I bought on release.

Heh, dredging up my own post with another Moon Knight potential error.

What I have today is Moon Knight 2, of the current run
Outside Cover
. Here are the pics:

Inside 2nd cover

Inside First cover and page

So the first picture is the cover of my book, which kind of looks like a back cover of a store variant. As I had finally gotten around to cataloguing my books, I flipped it over looking for the barcode and there wasn’t one. I opened up the inside cover of another #2, and the second photo is what it is supposed to look like, but photo three is what is immediately on the inside cover and first page of mine. When I flip the first page, then it looks like photo two. All of the pages match up with the regular #2, except the wrong cover, back of the cover and the first oddball page from some other issue…perhaps one.

So going back to my original post from long ago, is this just totally junk, worth $$$ to someone looking for errors or actually unique and carries value because of that? Looking for some thoughts or opinions on what might have happened to this book.

Yes looks like the exact error Silk #1 2021 had which when it came out went for about $100. It has the back cover of a store variant as the front cover and has a regular back cover. Now there’s no listings anywhere for the Silk error and you could make up your price.

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I would start with posting what you would be happy with to part with it. Post buy it now. Maybe even list at 10%-25% higher with offers on and see what happens. If it sells, be happy and buy something nice for yourself.

If nothing happens. Lower the price and repeat.

Eventually someone will see it and buy it.

Make sure you listing has key words like error. I’m not sure what search words people interested in this stuff use.

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Thanks Alana and D-Rog. I have been toying with sending in my first ever PGX slabbing for some of my PC. I thought about adding this in to see what they do with it. :slight_smile:

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When people are willing to pay more than cover for it !

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I have at least two of these similar comics (Moon Knight #188 and Spider-Gwen #25), which are first prints that appear to never have had the lenticular cover attached. A few others were on ebay somewhat recently but I didn’t have a chance to buy them.

I also have a few issues from 2014-16 (Invincible Iron Man #1, Spider-Gwen #1 and Thor #1) that are missing the UPC/bar code on the cover, and my guess is that they are blank sketch cover variants that never had the blank cover attached, because that cover may be what was underneath. My understanding, at least for the Iron Man and Spider-Gwen issues, was that they were shipped by marvel at the time to direct subscribers that way. The seller I bought the Spider-Gwen issue from stated that he had this happen with 4 issues of the Amazing Spider-Man#1 as well.

Here are some original forum posts discussing these types of possible error versions:

I am curious about the rarity and market for these types of issues. I understand that collectors are wary about them considering there could be claims that the cover was detached to make an “error” comic and manipulate the market, and that it is essentially a “coverless” issue. But if it came that way from the manufacturer, could it be an error variant?

I wonder what CGC or another grading service would do if this was submitted, or if that has happened yet.

How can you be sure the lenticular cover wasn’t just removed?


Why not be a pioneer and send them in! Someone has got to be first!

That was point in the beginning of the post; I can’t be sure it wasn’t removed, nor can I prove that it was produced that way, other than I purchased it myself on the day it came out, so it was on a shelf at a store like that. The staples look nice and tight, so it doesn’t appear to have been manipulated and thrown on a shelf.

I think I will be submitting the #2 Moon Knight to PGX; people may harp on their grading prowess, but compared to the other two now, that is the least of my concern. I too would like to know what they would call a book without a UPC, though both have the information inside correctly.