When is the right time to sell

Just a general question for the community. I have been burned so many times for selling too early. For example, I sold three copies of X-men giant #1 a couple of years ago for a fraction of what there are now.

I have a copy of something is killing the children CGC 9.8 and a couple of Invincibles #1 CGC 9.8 which just sold for $5000-$7000.

What is the general rule for when to sell?

Honestly, that’s an impossible question to answer. If we all knew, we’d probably also know what numbers to pick to win the mega millions jackpots.

But to answer your question in some logical sense, you sell when you can make profit. Buy low, sell high. If you have multiple copies, if you can sell to break even on all copies bought or make profit while also holding back at least 1 (or more) copy for long term, that’s the best way to sell I think.

Never say you got burned though. If you made profit from selling early, look at the positive of actually making profit because for every book bought in hopes it heats up, you probably at minimum sit on a book that will never heat up. I could go into all the books I read and then dropped off at Half Price books because they were books that were never going to “heat” up.

If you have regrets selling too early because a week, month, year or decade goes by and it’s selling for a whole lot more, then save yourself the hassle and don’t spec/invest in comics, cause all you’ll do is beat yourself up on the woulda, coulda, shoulda!


Hey agentpoyo do you think it would be a good idea to start a new catch all thread where we post our comics that we’re thinking about selling to gauge the forum members for their advice? I think it would be fun, people can post their comics in the thread they’re thinking about and others can chime in with nay or yay. Like you said obviously no one will actually know when is the correct exact time to sell a comic but it’ll still be good to get other’s advice to hear what they’re thinking, people with more experience. It’ll be a catch all thread so we don’t get a new thread every time someone is thinking about selling a comic and wondering if it’s the right time, they can just post it in the thread.

For me personally if you can get 5-7K right now for Invincible 1 and you have multiple copies like OP said I would sell one. It’s still risky though because we don’t know how the market is going to be 5-10 years from now and that Invincible 1’s print run is minuscule in the current collecting environment. Tough choice.


Go for it! Maybe a title of… “Should I or Should I Not Sell?”

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When or when not to buy comics is just like how the stock market has been the past 6 months with stocks like GameStop, AMC and Hertz. With the wild up and downs over the past several months, I have always looked at stocks and even comics if I buy it for ‘X’ and sell for ‘Y’ and made money, then I am happy with the gains and never regret selling a hot stock or comic too soon. Always looking forward for the next stock or comic to heat up.

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FWIW, I think selling Invincible now is likely a peak.

When you’re comfortable/happy letting it go for the price you’ll get.

But don’t hold for too long, then you might find yourself saying… “Oh man, this comic I bought for $4 got up to $100 and now it’s only selling for $6 now”


Hold or Sell.

I still have an Invincible #1 CGC 9.8 and an X-men Giant Size # CGC 9.6 making these books more expendable.


Sell Invincible, be ready to sell SIKTC, hold X men until a trailer drops for a movie or show where those characters are appearing


Giant Size X-Men I think is only going to appreciate over time. It will be on the continuous rise.

Invincible, I’d sell now if I had it, now is the peak.

Something is Killing Children is sort of in the middle for me. I think I would be satisfied in selling now while it’s hot but that can all change now after the latest issues are cooling off and unless it turns into a show, that’s going to be the only spike before it starts to level off and drop a bit more than likely.

When you need, or want the money.

And do not go down “What If” Avenue.

Unless you’re taking Marvel “What If” TV series spec…


More Mephisto keys!

That’s so freakin lame. We can do batter.

I think “Fold or Hold?”

Or “Flip or Flop?” Where flip means flop it back into your long box…very gently…


Cash or stash


My thinking is titles should be very obvious of what the topic is about. Gotta leave it plain and boring at times so people know if they’re interested in clicking to read and contribute or not.

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After putting some thought into it, it could be a very important thread for the forum. In the case of OP’s comics like Giant Xmen and Invincible we could be talking about thousands of dollars and it would be a great idea to ask others who have been in this situation for their advice on when they think the peak is. I can’t begin to imagine what a difficult decision this is.

I’m having trouble now deciding if I should sell this week’s Web of Spiderman 1. :laughing:

I would sell invincible and hold the other 2. Its getting close to time to sell SIKTC though