When your kid pucks, tell someone

You think that would be common sense. I had some customers in the morning, some more came in, I’m around helping one group when the other goes back out, I come around to the tile floor and about slip and fall stepping in it.

I race to grab a mop in the middle of a busy period before anyone else falls and get it cleaned up.

This evening I close up late due to traffic longer than normal and go outside to walk the puppy and right on the front porch area of the store where I sit and the puppy plays, another huge area of purple chunky now all dried and hard people have maybe been walking thru all day without me knowing it.

So after walking the puppy I’m now scrubbing the front porch area of the store with hot water and a broom trying to move whatever out to the sidewalk so it can get rained on eventually and disappear for good.

I’ll have to check the carpeted areas of the store after the lights are on tomorrow for more.

The big events, there’s always something.

When your kid pucks…send him to the NHL. Go Bruins. :bear: (Sorry, could not resist)

In a fortunate turn of events, it’s been storming and raining heavy since about 9:30PM last night so if there’s no carpet indoor issues hopefully the porch area of the store will be safe for puppy tanning later this after noon if we get a peak of sun between the fronts coming thru.

Bad side is rain can’t be great for FCBD day 2. We always make it a two day event and Sunday’s “NO HOLDS BARRED” on leftovers. Monday leftovers become 50 centers.