Whole lotta books for sale - Djrat

Hey all -

Just recently plunked down about $1K for appx 2300 comics and I’ve been having a blast going through them all (though my back is killing me). Found some good stuff that I’m holding onto for now like Sentry #1, Moon Knight #1, invincible Iron Man #9 (variant) and some cool hip hop variants. I’ve started posting a number of these items to eBay but have many other books for sale like:

  1. Harley Quinn #1-35 (Rebirth)
  2. Flash #1 - 30 (Rebirth)
  3. Wonder Woman #1 (Rebirth)
  4. Uncanny X-Men virtually a complete run from 150 - 205, 260-290 (no #266 :frowning:), 475 - 536
  5. Batman #655-680, 700-705
  6. Number of adult books like Peepland, Jungle Fantasy and Lookers
  7. Iron Fist #1 - 15 1st series (no #14) all in mid-low grade
  8. Many low grade ASM Silver age books like 41, 42, 51, 56, 86 and 92 - ask about any specific books as I know I’m forgetting more
  9. Many Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Thor, Captain America, Avengers and daredevil silver and bronze age books

Here’s the link to my eBay page


Happy to give CHU members a good deal

I’m digging the eBay name… skrattiepoo… :slight_smile:

I think I missed it, or maybe it sold, but I didn’t see the Batman 655-680 listing?

If you still have it what is your price?

I love underground, adult, and so forth comics. Tell me more! I didn’t see them in your listing, although eBay can making finding mature stuff a pain.

Hey there - not sure if you got my earlier response, but I have the following books:

Peepland #3-5
Lookers #1 - 6 (6 being the nude cover)
A number of different Jungle Fantasy books
Big Wanker Tales #1 - 3
And I’ve posted listings for a Belladonna, Hellina and some Cavewoman books

Let me know if you’re interested and if we can make a deal.

I was crazy busy yesterday, but saw this now and got your PM!