Why are there so many knullfied variant covers for every single comic issue?

Knull is a cool character and all,but it’s get boring after a while.Just my own opinion.



Yes, the themed variants are just all about the dollars.

Long ago at Marvel Comics in a marketing meeting:

Marketing Manager: “Our overall print run numbers are down, how do we boost our numbers to increase overall revenue and profits?”

Associate Marketing Person 1: “Couldn’t we get the writers and artists to make more compelling stories and artwork? After all, that’s what these are for right?”

Marketing Manager: "You fool, comics aren’t for reading, they’re for collecting."

Associate Marketing Person 2: “We could just trick these fools into buying the same issue 2 or 3 times by creating variant covers?”

Marketing Manager: “You’re a genius and being promoted associate marketing person 2. Associate marketing person 1, the one who was talking nonsense, you’re fired!”


Buy one to read…wait it out…and grab anything else I like down the road out of dollar bins.

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I’m sure we will see Knull’s avatar attach himself to a host sometime in the future even though he doesn’t need one, what’s another retcon going to change?

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The reason as always is $$$$$$$$$$$

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