Why Ironfist in Shang Chi is a bad idea?

So you have may of heard the unsubstantiated rumor that Ironfist will join the MCU via the Shang Chi franchise, I’m near to tell you why it’s a bad idea. First of all Ironfist was already introduced to the MCU via Netflix, as all Netflix shows are part of the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some may forget that the Netflix shows and Agents of Shield are considered tied to the movies, hence Ghostrider from Agents is getting his own show on Disney+. They cannot and should not recast Danny Rand for the same reason why they didn’t recast Gabriel Luna as Ghostrider. If they did recast him it would destroy the whole continuity created in the MCU the last ten years, if they don’t recast him we are stuck with the horrible Netflix Ironfist. Marvel wants to say that the Netflix shows aren’t part of the MCU now but that’s not what Kevin Feige said over 5 years ago. Also Luke Cage, Danny Rand, Daredevil are not allowed to be in any movie or tv until December 2020, Jessica Jones is off limits until late 2021. I believe if there is any truth to Marvel using Ironfist the best thing Marvel can do when it comes to Shang Chi is skip him all together. If you’re going to use characters that have been in Netflix shows use the actors that portrayed them and introduce them all together again.

I guess there are different ways to look at it. First is Hollywood has re-cast characters in the same franchise (whatever it may be) many times in the past, so a re-cast of the same character is not unheard of or unfounded. Also, there is a reality that quite a few who go to the movies and watch the shows have a short memory or quite frankly really won’t care about a re-cast.

I have a feeling Marvel is going to change their story a bit now that they have bought Fox Entertainment and have their own streaming service come into play. I think they are just going to state Disney+ Shows and all the Marvel Movies are part of the same universe and those shows that were on Netflix were from a similar but slightly different reality after all. I can see them doing that.

Ummm war machine? Bruce Banner? Thanos? Red Skull? Fandral?

There have been plenty of recasts in the MCU.