Will Captain Marvel Help ole Eddie?

I thought this solicit was interesting given what we know already about Venom #27? Could be just coincidence of course. (this would come out one week after Venom #29-which appears to still be taking place in Codex’s world/time given the cover).

What’s the link here?

I think he’s referring the line that she was ‘stolen away to a far future’ and ‘faces a threat unlike any she’s known’.

Yeah, I’d imagine most of the Marvel titles will be centering in or around the big Knull series…

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"Stolen away to a far future"=which is where the Venom story is at
"Brand new villains and heroes, a cast both familiar and strange"=New Agent Venom, Symbiote Avengers, Codex, Virus

The cast both familiar and strange is the biggest kicker given what we have specifically seen in Venom #27.

This book comes out only one week after Venom #29 as well. So it is well within the time line given we see what is happening on the cover of #29. I don’t see this future timeline plot being resolved already before #29 given we know absolutely nothing is resolved in #27.

Venom #29 10/7
Captain Marvel #22 10/14

Makes sense to me. I added CM 22 just in case.

@jimee11 Could be absolutely nothing but it’s always fun to guess and not all that much of a buy in just in case is the way I see it.

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Venom’s story is in the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE…not the future.

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but do the folks writing these solicit burbs understand that?

You are taking what the solicit says and twisting it.

Fair enough and I stand 100% corrected. Simply thought the solicit sounded fairly similar to the events taking place in Venom as I read it. I personally don’t have a great grasp on the “multi-verse” and was under the impression it was still “in the future” so to speak, given the environments look that way to me.

Never my intent to imply deceit or suggest folks toss money away. Just a topic/solicit I found interesting.


Couldn’t it be both? Earth 1610 in the future?

There are flying cars…

No idea. Been awhile since we’ve seen the Ultimate universe.