Winners: Immortal Hulk #22 Alex Garner Joe Fixit Set


Our friends over at East Side Comics are sponsoring this giveaway. This is for the set of Immortal Hulk #22 Joe Fixit Cover Set.

Four winners on this one.

We used random number generator. There were 134 total entries on this one. I put in 1-134 into the random number generator and rolled it four times, and matched them to the comments. Here are the winners:

56: Gregory Baez

90: Shssael P.

73: Robert C (aka Fatman OSU)

9: Jclu

Please contact me at so I can forward your info to East Side Comics to get the comics out to you. After 48 hours we will pick another winner.


This topic comes up uncategorized. Seems like poyo should be giving you hell for that.

Is there a separate category for contests/giveaways? There sure are enough of them I think it should be a consideration.


There should be I guess. Poyo is the forum master.


Shall I smite him and silence him for a day? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Awesome blossom. Ive been randomly entering these CHU giveaways for 3-4 years now and have not ‘won’ until now. Thank CHU very much. :smiley:


I think I’ve said this before but it is nice seeing a long time CHU reader and commentor win. Not knocking the random winners who only post for the giveaways but it is nice seeing a regular win who’s been around and never won.

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