Wishful marvel (mcu)

Ok, this is just a fun little wishful thinking/fantasy post.

Alana recently posted a rumored/leaked list of potential Marvel Phase four films. They may or may not be accurate but still fun to speculate. With Marvel to officially reveal more upcoming films and franchises we will have more clear answers soon.

SO, until this happens what would YOU do if you were the head of Marvel? Below write your fantasy pick for inclusion to the MCU.

I’ll start off…

If I could make one film for Marvel and have it be part of the official MCU What would I choose?

I would choose a Rocket Raccoon Howard the Duck team up! Kind of a bad cop/bad cop, galactic buddy team up…yeah and a cameo with Groot at the very least. Why? I haven’t thought that far into it. I just thought it would be cool to see the two on the big screen together! Just imagine the banter!

A young adult X23 in the Savage Land would be the movie I would like to see.


Two words. Sinister Six. :100:


Need it so badly…

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I’m with you on that one. Totally want Moon Knight movie(s)… make it dark, make it weird, make it great!

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