Wizard Guide to Comics "back issues"

I recently found a stack of Wizard Guide to Comics issues that I have not looked at since I bought them while I was in high school. The nostalgia was great and it is amazing what garbage was being pumped back then. Ash #1, anyone? The “Bad Girl” crazy, lol. Although I must say some of the interviews with artists/writers were a good read (the issue with John Byrne comes to mind). Fun times all around. Do you think any of these issues, other than #1, could heat up? Heck, people pay big bucks for some Previews issues these days. If so, my money is on the Rob Liefeld issue #10 cover with Youngblood’s Shaft and Cable on it. Just kidding.


The first several issues and any spawn or Michael Turner covers. #83 has a nice Adam Hughes cover

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I still buy ASH #1.

I had the first 30 issues. Sold 1-10 pretty easily. 11-20 took a while and I didn’t make much. I can’t seem to give away 21-30.

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I was more a Toyfare guy myself…loved Twisted Toyfare Theatre (precursor to Robot Chicken).

But my friend got wizard and I’d borrow read it. I always thought their prices were a little pumped…

My favorite price guide was Comic Values Monthly.


Yeah. I eventually phased to ToyFare as my comic spending decreased and my action figure spending increased in the mid to late 90’s. I need to dig those out too and flip through them again. It’s been 25 years or so since I opened them for a read.

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