Wizard World First program

There are a lot of misleading statements that have been made about the Wizard World First program and the 9.5/10.0 “grade” that was used. Here’s a more in depth discussion from someone who worked at CGC during the early 2000’s: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/22497-wizard-first-program-not-aprils-fools/?do=findComment&comment=413655

  • Partnership between Wizard & CGC

  • CGC used Wizard’s grading scale, not the other way around.

  • Even though it says CGC on the label, it is a Wizard product. It’s not graded by CGC.

Other members in this thread have contributed to the discussion. Some blatantly calling out CGC for the ruse.

Here’s some additional info from Wizard back in 2004: Wizard Entertainment


I feel like I’m jumping in a game 5 of the World Series here. What’s going on, TL;DR version?

Just a market correction from people pumping false information.

Books that were in the program:

Daredevil Father #1
Young Avengers #1
Ultimate X-men #50

Hmmmm, I think they are understating how confusing the labels might be:


If it’s a different grading scale, why even attach your name to it? I mean, other than the obvious financial reasons.

Doesn’t seem like a smart move on CGC’s part.


They were a young(er) company and needed the money. Haven’t we all taken gigs we regret?


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