WOBH & High Republic 1st Appearances

Lots of 1st appearances popping up in WOBH. Looks like Doctor Aphra #12, Bounty Hunters #13, 14. High Republic #7 has a new Jedi. Did anyone read the High Republic Novels and know which major characters should be making their first appearances in the marvel series shortly?

I assume @drunkwooky has read them or is in the process since many of these are new and some still coming out. I went fairly heavy on this series and tie ins getting as many incentives as I can.

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I’m buying like a minimum of two for like every book. Its just cheap gambling at this point with all the potential in every single issue.


I heard the new character may show up in 11 so keep your eyes peeled. It may be a cameo in 11 and full in 12 kinda thing.


Thanks for the heads up. Seem they always have a cameo, then a full 1st and then a cover. 3 books for 1 new character.

They are going to play the Tynion game and have all of us chasing it lol.

I’m doing my level best to keep on top of High Republic here:

And here:

I read Light of the Jedi and there many, many, many, Jedi yet to still appear. Personally, I’m waiting on Burryaga the Wookiee (naturally).

Not that you can read too much into store exclusive covers, but it looks like they are priming the pump for Stellan Gios to show up:

He already made an unnamed background cameo in issue 1 and a cover appearance on the 2nd print of issue 1.

I’ll be combing every issue of War of the Bounty Hunters as well, probably creating a post on DrunkWooky.com similar to the High Republic firsts post up there and updating WookyWiki.com as the events goes on.

Here’s the solicit from HR #7:

A JEDI FACES THE DARKNESS! • KEEVE TRENNIS has put everything on the line to save her former master, but the scars run deep. • As AVAR KRISS summons a task force to deal with the DRENGIR THREAT, a desperate NIHIL REMNANT attacks a distant outpost. Can Keeve fight back the shadows long enough to stand for light and life? • Guest-starring ORLA JARENI, Jedi Wayseeker. Rated T

Oral Jareni is one of the Jedi Masters who first encounters the Drengir in Into the Dark.


I’m buying any JTC Action Figure variants only. I’m not buying anything other than my normal High Republics and Darth Vader. Avoiding the rest of this mess full of store exclusives.

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