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GCP Comics newest project is live on Kickstarter:

In the distant future, when nuclear wars have ravaged the planet. Natural resources have been depleted. 65% of the Earth’s population formed the United Alliance of Earth and have set off to colonize new planets.

But what about those still here?

Wolfsbane is one of the five great cities left in the world, it stands on the east coast of the United States of America. The city thrives, it’s alive and well. It’s surrounded by walls the size of skyscrapers to keep the uncivilized out. The inhabitants are the blood coursing through the veins of the cold concrete and steel. The illegal enhancement drug, Synchro, floods the streets. While most of the crime lords have been killed or apprehended, some of the most elusive remain, one of them is known only as the mysterious “Voodoo Man.”

Two detectives: Mathias White and Dakwan Williams finally got a lead and are hot on his trail. Little do they know this finale is going change their lives forever.


Issue 1 Kickstarter Edition!


THANK YOU FOR ANY SUPPORT!!! Feel free to ask any questions. THANK YOU!

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Thank You! It was successful and Issue 1 is on the way. Copies are now available for purchase if anyone is interested in checking it out. I will also have stock for purchase when they arrive. Very small run 200 total. 75 of A and B, and 50 of the C cover.

Thanks for the support!