Wolverine #9

Releasing January 27th
First appearance of Legacy House
Possible future key?
Has anyone got any thoughts on this?

Yes. Where do the claws go when they retract back into his hand if the arm is cut short?

Also, if the arm is cut off can wolverine regrow adamantium bones and claws?

So many questions.


He will be able to regrow his hand, claws/bones, but not the adamantium. The adamantium is not part of his natural biology, as it was introduced to his body as a foreign/alien substance by the weapon X program, and therefore is not subject to his enhanced healing/regeneration mutant ability. I think.

That’s my thinking too. It would take something crazy to cut through his bones to lop his hand off. Last time he lost his adamantium he became a cave man so…

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Captain America is in the top left corner behind the marvel logo

Kingpin is the only one holding his number up…looks like he’s high bidder…