Wolverine Black White and Blood Error

Here is one for you. I am getting reports that the Wolverine Black White and Blood #1 Garney Variant has an error in it. Copies of this variant only has pages from Web of Venom Empyres End in it. Pictures to come shortly. Not sure if this will be recalled but if you like error books, here you go.

Wolverine Black White and Blood #1 Garney Variant on TFAW. Midtown and Mycomicshop are sold out of this one

I have not been able to verify all copies have it, but will be picking up my error copies tomorrow.

Not my photos.

I need to check my copies.

Please let us know.

Pretty cool, picked up 2 copies from tfaw in case they are all like this.

If all copies have the error, it’s kind of meaningless.

Doesn’t marvel just send replacement copies and “asks” that the shops destroy them? Doubt that any of them ever do.

Oh retailers! Has anyone heard anything from Marvel?

There is surprisingly not a lot of them on eBay at the moment, a couple of cheap copies and ones marked as error being higher priced. One has sold for $19.99

The ones I have are regular. Going back tomorrow to the LCS and see if I can find an error one.

I haven’t seen anything from Marvel. But it’s possible if there’s a printing issue it would go to our purchasing team since they deal with Diamond.

I have an error Canto II #1 Momoko…those Sell for less than the corrected copy.

I know because I offered one of both…and sold the Corrected copy but can’t move the error copy, even after dropping the price.

I checked the only copy of that cover today at my lcs and no error

Got 2 copies. Just a quick question. The error one has the oginal story as well or just the Web of Venom page?

Not sure. I know it has the Web of Venkm page

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Both. I picked mine up tonight. There are page/pages from Web of Venom instead of the correct pages from Wolverine.

Apparently every copy of every variant (ie not cover A) has this printing error.

Per this guy

Im the one who broke the news about the error on Instagram the other day lol. I just got done reading Web of Venom…then started the Wolverine (variant or Cover B) and noticed it started out w the same page as the Venom book lol. I checked all 4 copies of my B cover and they all had it, none of the A covers or the 1:25 had it…just the B cover. I went back to the LCS and checked the 20 or so copies they had left and it was the same thing…no cover A’s…all cover B’s.

Cool. I actually got it off Facebook. But kudos for that catch. Are those your pictures I used above?

Secret variant for #2 https://bleedingcool.com/comics/secert-variant-for-wolverine-black-white-and-blood-2-this-wednesday/

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