Womens Month Variants


She-Hulk, Emma Frost, Patsy Walker, and Silk get the spotlight in the first set of @heyjenbartel #WomensHistoryMonth variant covers featuring @thewomenofmarvel, coming this March! Which cover is your favorite? #WomenOfMarvel


Silk and Emma frost :eyes:

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That She-Hulk is alllllllmost a lab coat. So I’m pretending it is and saying that one’s my favorite.

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Yeah these are a must cop they’re different and off the cuff of most spec watchers I believe.

Was that She Hulk cover in the Duran Duran video for Rio?!!?

I dig that they are styled in the era of their origin. Silk is the winner for me.


Emma Frost wins for best outfit. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

She Hulk likes a lot like Kristen Stewart

You make up roughly 50% of the Earth’s population, but she shall recognize you for 31 days.

I love She Hulk and they made her look meh.

Marvel has really killed my love for the look of the character lately.

She looks like she is out of the 1980’s and was a coke dealer on Miami Vice.

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It’s GTA Vice City She Hulk


Maybe she’ll show up to court in that outfit on the Disney+ series and it’ll become a Top 10 key for a week. :rofl:
[total sarcasm… I hope]

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The clothing choices make sense now:

Last 4 revealed

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Really like the Black Cat and Jessica Drew. The others are OK.

I like and ordered them all!!

I like them all also; but I will not be ordering any

Same here. :fire: covers

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