‘Wonder Girl’ TV Series in the works for CW

Deadline article

I’ll just leave this here.

Future State Wonder Woman #1 (of 2) (Cover A - Joelle Jones)

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Chances that the little girl at the end of Wonder Woman Annual #4 is her after all?

It’s not, it’s been debunked. It’s just a group of Brazilians not her.


Doesn’t sound right she’s suppose to be Wonder Woman why would they make her Wonder Girl on CW

Media hype before the books is released…never good.

There’s gonna be a TON of copies.

And it’s a CW show, easy pass.

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Possibly the time frame they are using is before Future State so they can make her younger.

While I don’t put much stock in a CW show for spec…it is interesting to see that they may have some future plans for these Future State characters after the 2 month event is over.

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Not happening: https://twitter.com/dailynrod/status/1360324356354629633

Really gots to suck ass for cw to pass on it :joy:

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