Wonder Woman 750- Best cover for spec?

I’d probably go with the Hughes cover. Lee is always reliable, but none of them have been revealed yet so it’s hard to tell. The regular cover isn’t doing it for me.


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I’m getting the 1990’s BRIAN BOLLAND variant for PC because I like the artist. It’s highly doubtful this release will see any spec. It’s more of a commemorative release for #750 and WW fans… With that being said, I have no clue of the contents of this book. There’s always a what if? That’s what makes it speculation. I recommend you hold off to as close to FOC (NOV 18) as possible before you place your order through diamond. Perhaps some art for a few covers might be released before then giving you a better idea? Hope this helps… Be well everyone…:v:

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Print run will be high. The only ones to get and spec on are, sadly, the store variants. If you’re into that sort of thing.

I’ll only be ordering one AH for the PC.