Wonder Woman #759

I guess this will be the first appearance of the character that becomes Liar Liar? Or will it be considered the first appearance of Liar Liar?

Idk if she uses powers at all now or in the future but I would say first depending a transformation or use of powers

Going to be a real barn burner of a week with
Thor #4 2nd print
Ice Cream Man Dr Seuss
Wonder Woman Liar Liar
Empyre #4 She Hulk dies maybe idk
Batman Clownhunter
Bounty Hunters #1 2nd print sick Fett cover
And Death Metal Legends.

Honestly, I like everyone of those books, but in terms of availability, I’m thinking ole Ice Cream Man will be the hardest to just come across in the wild. Maybe the Fett as well.

With some books, I feel confident I’ll be able to snag them in the wild and don’t mind missing a pre-order. On those two specific books…best of luck.

Whats going on with ice cream man, who is dr Seuss?

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You’re kidding right?


Either we are far too old or Otto is far too young…Sigh, my bones hurt.

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Every day I wake up is a good day… cause:

  • I’m still alive
  • I’m still alive…

Despite it hurting for no real reason…


Not sure it’s being young… it’s being deprived of good literature. My kids are 14 and 12 and they know who Dr. Seuss is… :wink:


sorry, I thought he was in the comic…you mean the cover…some sort of 1st villian app I thought…

I definitely think Clownhunter is getting overshadowed by Robin King. Good potential there. Hopefully it’s a full and not a cameo in 96. Anyone know yet?

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Wasn’t Liar Liar this week not next?

yep…I grabbed it but haven’t looked through it. I know the character is in there though.

Lmk when you do. Curious if it’s a full.

She’s in the book, multiple panes. Meets Wonder Woman & says her name is Emma. Also has her bunny.
No real sense of any “powers”, but something happens that perhaps she caused?
Her “look” is the same in this issue that we see on upcoming covers (and again, she has her bunny lol).
So I’m not sure how it wouldn’t be considered her first.

Sounds like a first full to me. Do they call her liar liar?

I wouldn’t put it past DC to put some NPC new character on a 1:25 cover.

@Comp82 I never any use of Liar Liar in there. It was absolutely a first full of her so to speak. Major player in the book, interactions with Diana, took part in the plot. Just no readily apparent indications of any powers. As I mentioned, something “bad” happened…but it wasn’t made apparent that it was tied to her (but certainly could have been). How’s that for clear as mud lol.

The biggest thing to me is that she appears exactly as she does in this book, as she does on the covers and future portrayals of her. So it’s not like she appears to don some costume or anything.

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Liar Liar might be Maxwell Lord’s daughter. I’m not sure if this was already revealed. This is from WW #761