Wonder Woman 84 to HBO Max?

A new trailer for Wonder Woman 84 showed up online but was almost immediately made private. But not before some people loaded it and saw the card at the end saying Wonder Woman 84 will be on HBO Max and in theaters.

If it’s true, it’s going to have pretty big impacts on movies going forward potentially.

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I also noticed New Mutants is on digital already.

Yeah…on demand movies day of release is the wave of the future. Charge $30 for a one time play. Family can watch it with their surround sound super home theaters.

It’s an untapped cash flow. Some will still want to have the big screen experience…not me though.

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Some movies I still do but most others not so much. I’ve been spoiled with iPic here in Austin. It’s almost like having the theater to yourself. We would do it only for the big Marvel or Star Wars Movies though with the kids…

I have a 75 inch 4K tv. I can watch the movies in my boxers. No reason for me to ever go to the theater again.

What will be interesting is seeing how movie budgets change. With streaming ones marketing budgets go way down, but you also don’t have all the ticket sales. So we may be at the end of seeing multiple 100 million+ moviees coming out each year and only having a few big blockbusters a year like the olden days.

It will be interesting as to how this plays out in the future as I’m sure a lot of this was due to multiple delays with the pandemic and needing to recoup as much as they can from the budget.

Who knows when theaters will be packed again…if ever.

Don’t worry, soon the movie companies will get the TV companies to develop AI with cameras so when you go to watch the movie, it can count how many people are in the room watching and charge you accordingly… :wink:

I always waited 2-3 weeks on hot movies anyways and go during the week and preferrably in the middle of the day cause packed theaters = assholes who ruin it for the rest of us.

They can already tell that by watching us through all of the webcams built in smart TVs, duh.

And everyone has a tracker in their hand… err… I mean… a smartphone in their hands… :wink:

Movie companies are moving to what I heard was a 17 theater release now, that will more than likely continue after the pandemic. This means that they will co-release to purchase/theater at the same time, and certainly within weeks of release. The news about WW84 isn’t that surprising at this point.

HBO just sent out emails saying it will be streaming on HBO Max on Dec 25th.

with Covid looming over us well into 2021 , its no surprise that AT&T is releasing this as a form of cash flow. God knows they are doing their best to tank the direct market.

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Sweet deal.

Just because it’s free isn’t going to make it a good movie

Remember this plot hole

true, but for 2 hours we will forget about Covid and focus on Complaining about the movie as we watch it. Thats a Win in my book :wink:


I hear ya…I will say one thing for the most part I will enjoy watching movies at home but I’m already missing the social aspect of going out with family or friends (or both) and seeing a highly anticipated film with a couple hundred movie goers as excited to see it as I am. I may not do the whole movie thing as much moving forward as I used to but every few months I think I wouldn’t mind having a date or family night out.

I do think after this covid mess is finally over some theaters will close. No getting around that but when things do go back to the new normal I am sure going out to the movies will be part of it. Hoping so anyway.

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With Gal Gadot, I could just mute the movie and it’s gonna be good… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have an Hd Projector. Plan on doing movie nights in my cul de sac when it gets warm again. Going to build a collapsible screen and do it in the drive way.