"Wool" comic released as Silo on Apple+

The comic Wool by Hugh Howey has officially been released on Apple+ and is called Silo (as stated in the title).

I’m watching the first episode and I am so freaking impressed!

Check it out if you’re interested


I thought that show sounded awfully like Wool, which I loved. Might have to watch it. It’s also a novel too if you weren’t aware, which was also a great read.

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I Googled it and it was a variety of short stories collected in a big novel. It had a comic too? I read a summary of the stories that were told on Wikipedia as I don’t care about spoilers and was curious about some stuff. Seems the show adapts a handful of stories.

The novel was outstanding and is the reason I bought the comics.

One of my favorite possessions is Wool #1 CGC 9.8 SS, signed by Hugh Howey. Got that relatively cheap but really close to release.

Episode 1 was fantastic! 3 episodes released so far and then every Wed (I think)

Edit: Some well known actors and actresses including Tim Robbins

Wool was one of those 1st books I remember that when a comic property was optioned, the book would go bananas. It started that whole trend of a news article and boom! - everything cheap being sold on Ebay.
Others around that time (I don’t remember the year(s)) - Crash Ryan, Bunker, Scalped, DMZ, and another title that started with a “W”. I don’t remember. Those were the good ol’ days

Episode 2 was really good but episode 3 was fantastic (IMO)!