Working out with long boxes

What do you do with all that drek you are stuck with in long boxes? Sell it for pennies on the dollar to the LCS? No! Work out with them! Yesterday I moved 12 full long boxes from upstairs to downstairs and boy do I feel it today. Someone should make a work out series with comic long boxes. Instant YouTube hit.


Totally agree haha. I feel out of shape every time I’m sorting through my collection to sell stuff on ebay. I have a small spare room with probably 50 long boxes plus some short boxes and the constant moving around of them is definitely a workout lol

I have all my sale stuff on industrial racks just short boxes but have to pull them down with a 3 step ladder, have definitely had some close calls😂


2022-08-08 08_32_26-Woman Falls Down Cartoon Isolated Vector Illustration Stock Illustration - Downl

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