World War Hulk movie


World War Hulk #1 moving. There is a Diamond distributor variant which is a sketch version of the regular cover.

Hit those bins locally. Found 2 copies in the one store I went into today.

There is also the 1:25 variant and a second print

The entire Planet Hulk/World War Hulk story was one of my favorites. Having Finch involved in covers/art was a plus as well.

I would love to see aspects of it on the big screen.

The issue for me on this however is that ABSOLUTELY have to understand that what made it so great was the emotion that was tied to it. The betrayal of Hulk by the Illuminati, finally finding peace, comfort, love and acceptance, the absolute heartbreaking devastation of his loss…and ultimately the rage and search for vengeance from the loss.

I get that they already addressed a bit of that in the last Thor movie but they will need to adapt to that.

If they can somehow incorporate those emotions and elements of the story as a priority…amidst of background of incredible characters/special effects, and action…than you will have pure cinema gold.

Oh…and don’t forget, you really can’t have a fitting world war hulk story without involving sentry and maybe even the FF?

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WW Hulk #1 getting a lot of love but Hulk #106 is where it begins.Came out a moth earlier too. Also, it has the second appearance of Amadeus Cho… Side note, Cho’s first appearance is getting very pricey. His second in Hulk #106 is dirt cheap.

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Ruffalo also stated that Universal Studios owns the rights to a “standalone Hulk movie” and that they “don’t know how to play well with Marvel.” He also shared that he and either Universal Studios or Disney (or both) have talked about a Hulk movie, but there’s no chance of it happening.

While Sony and Disney have seen some turbulence in their relationship around Spider-Man, Universal and Marvel reportedly cannot reach a contract that would allow Ruffalo to star in his own Hulk movie, much like Scarlett Johansson did with Black Widow as the star.

Since Universal holds the distribution rights to any future Hulk film, they would decide the movie’s release date, marketing, number of theaters showing the movie, and also get to control the streaming and DVD/Blu-Ray rights. On top of that, Disney might not get that big of a cut from the movie.

I would never take any “actors” word on what is and what will happen with any future movie… :wink:

I like Cho. I should seek out this second appearance as that first is quite pricey. Thanks!

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Alana, that video is 4 years old…

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Yep but the article where I got it and the excerpt above was written 2 months ago.




2022? But it’s 2023 now!

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As you can see by the date when I created this thread, Disney has been planning this for a few years. Production can happen even if they didnt have distribution rights. And we have no idea what was going on during production… (script ? story boards ? location scouting ?..etc…)

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Production dates are not the same as premiere dates… :wink:

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Let’s hope that the Ruffalo smart “Professor Hulk” is NOT part of a world war hulk movie in any way, shape, or form.

What was a quick little novelty for a portion of one movie has become more than I can bear any longer in any future movie. Can I get the real Hulk back? sheesh

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@monopolyjackson and @agentpoyo thanks for explaining. I know very little of how exactly a movie is made or such.


Another storyline that if just done properly could be soooo darn good.
It’s a story that needs to be just like the comics—brutal, dark, brooding, emotional, and quite violent. It is not a story for the little ones.

One of my very favorites. If you can’t make the move, create a series and essentially just make the comics into an episode. I felt like it was an old fashioned serial thriller reading it to be honest.

Not every story is for all audiences…and that can be ok.