Worst Cover Of 2020?

I think we got a front runner for worst cover art of the year.

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They might have just dethroned this gem.

Actually at least one could argue the Cable cover is abstract art…or computer generated.

But the We Live cover…the girl has more of a baby face than the child…

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That’s like 1000 times cooler looking… I wouldn’t even take that We Live cover if they paid me $14.95 to own it…

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I would…then I would Immediately recycle it.

I guess that’s not really “owning” it though…

Very true. It kind of looks like a high school art project…a bad one.

They would have to pay me the amount it will take to buy enough lighter fluid to burn them all…

Just save one to sell as it will then be a rare one of a kind…someone will buy it.

My sincerest condolences for the family of that poor tree…


I was just about to post that beauty :face_vomiting:

This one bugs me as well

The Vampirella cover looks like she is holding her severed head

I might be saying this is the worst cover of 2020 as it’s recent but this is awful on so many level…


My vote


I’m going to go a little unconventional, and maybe a little unfair, but this is fresh in my mind after seeing it in a CGC email this morning.

[Jerry Seinfeld voice] What is the deal with Dynamic Forces and Ken Haeser? [/Seinfeld] For all I know he could be the nicest guy ever, and if he is, I apologize upfront. Power to him for having a long-term gig. His stuff just doesn’t work for me. Who is buying these?



I actually really like the cable cover. The rest are dookie.


My Vote.


By a wide margin, would you say?


Creative call:

“So, what should her eyes convey? Anger? Strength? Perseverance? … Oh, so no eyes at all? Where should the focal point be then? … Oh. Um, ok.”

I get that sex sells, but this is just pathetic. What illustrator wrapped this project and felt good about it?


An illustrator that likes big beasteses…