Would you use StockX if it started a Comics marketplace

StockX is an online marketplace that is known for Sneakers, but it has expanded to included collectibles such as Graded sports cards and other items such as Funko Pop. Would you consider buying and selling Graded comics on that site if they allowed it? They currently charge seller and buyer processing fees but they also have to authenticate the item before resending it to the buyer.

This crossed my mind recently.

This would change the entire hobby and quite frankly, in my opinion, would ruin it.

I remember what the sneaker game was like prior to stockx. The scene is an oversaturated circus nowadays.

Imagine not being able to purchase a single copy of a book you’d like to read/collect/invest in because they all get eaten up by bots before you can blink an eye.

** Edit - missed the part where you said “graded”… I guess the suggestion isn’t as bad as having Stockx as a platform to buy/sell raw books. At the end of the day if the demand for this is high enough then it will happen at some point.

Resending?? I’m not interested, at all, in sending my books to a 3rd party interloper. I can grade, sell and ship my books, successfully, by myself.


You lost me at more fees than I already pay.

ive been asking stock X to do this since they entered graded card market, and i think will happen eventually. there system the of authenticating before resending to buy would completely safe gaurd a seller from a buyer who was trying to scam

If you want a 3rd party or middleman there are much better places to buy and sell books. Places like Heritage, Comic Connect, Comic Link, and others who mainly do high value books and original artwork. There’s slot of places like MyComicShop who take I consignments as well. Some prefer to have a reputable auction house because they then take responsibility if anyone’s trying to scam they can’t because they have the books in hand.

I’ve heard horror stories of high dollar books on eBay where buyer or seller try to play the old switcheroo. Where they swap it out with a lesser copy of the same book or send/return a completely unrelated book. So I feel there’s definitely a place for a 3rd party or middleman.

So no absolutely not would I buy or sell at some sneaker place.

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For high value graded books…I think having a “middle-man” isn’t a bad idea. It actually depends upon the fees. For raw books, regardless of grade…nope. Just opening, investigating, authenticating and repacking a book can lead to disaster.

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I had this happen to me with the Rick and Morty book years ago. I bought the Blu-ray set from Target. Mailed out the comic. Took pictures of exactly what I was sending out because there were fakes. Got one sent back that didn’t have the same number of staples as the copy I had sent out. I was furious and eBay sided with the buyer. Even though I clearly documented everything every step of the way.

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As a buyer I’ve had this happen on a gift card purchase for almost $500. The Seller sent an envelope with tracking but no card. Ebay made me file a police report which cost me $25 in order to get my money back. This also consisted of a phone police report, a roundtrip of 20 miles to and from the police station to pickup the report and several frustrating calls to ebay support. I haven’t bought anything of that value on ebay since then.

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