X-Men 12 3rd Print

So when I got to my LCS today, I had 2 copies of X-Men 12 3rd Print in my pulls that I completely forgot about. I was like ugh what a waste, but then I looked at the new comics wall and there were zero copies. This particular LCS orders heavy in pretty much everything, so I was surprised that they didn’t have even one copy on the racks. The other two shops I visited today also had zero copies. Did you guys see copies out at your shops? Just curious if maybe this might be a blessing in disguise down the road.

Didnt even see anyone mention it. Hhhmmmm I preordered 2 copies from Tfaw.

Still selling for cover on eBay

Didn’t this come out last week?

Oh yeah you’re right! I didn’t make it to the shop last week. Ok nevermind, my bad.

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