X-men #120 “Cameo of Alpha Flight“ YOU BE THE JUDGE

There’s some Alpha Flight MCU rumors going around and people are saying X-men #121 is 1st Full appearance of Alpha Flight, I don’t know where people come up with this shit it’s like no one can open a book for themselves even though there’s full databases online for free with every comic ever made. My definition of a cameo is a full last page reveal, a headshot, or anything under 3 panels when it gets into 3 panels especially if there’s a cover we are now into full appearance territory. So let’s analyze #120 what people are calling a cameo these days.
Here’s the cover with 3 members of Alpha Flight on it.

There’s so many panels of Alpha Flight in this book I don’t see anyone’s logic as a cameo I’m sure whoever is saying that is making a bunch of money off selling the wrong book. Don’t get me wrong #121 has a few first in it as well but it is not even close to #120 when it comes to being 1st full Alpha Flight

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Vindicator, Sasquatch, Snowbird, Shaman, Aurora, NorthStar all appear in #120 So you be the Judge

You really should drop that malware website that supports nothing but some douchebag hiding behind cloudflare (before that, his shit was hosted in philipines I think) and just purchase a Marvel Unlimited app… you’ll get better quality pictures… :wink:

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Cameo is still a first appearance. Cameo is just a description of the type of appearance. The market will decide which is the most desirable.

This one panel has them all named and if that was it this would be a cameo but they all appear in a few panels on top of this as well individually and together. Sasquatch appears in a lot of panels and Weapon Alpha is the whole book. When Weapon Alpha 1st appeared in X-men #109 he mentions Alpha Flight and then the next time we see him in this #120 he shows up with Alpha Flight.

Nope…If they aren’t on the cover and in every panel saying “look at me, I am Alpha Flight” then is is little more than a modern term cameo! :wink:

The thing I like about the old stuff where I read them on the malware site is a lot of old books are actual scans. So when I read Fantastic Four #1 it’s someone’s copy they scanned in probably causing damage to their book lol