X-Men #20 Del Munro Cover

X-Men #20 Del Mundo variant is one of those “every-so-often” must buy covers for a book I don’t read. Just gonna drop this image here.


Best cover in a long time


Including the sloth was a great detail!

I totally missed it until now. Now I have to buy at least 2 copies.

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Wee Woo Wee Woo!!!

This is amazing! Easily my fav open-order Marvel cover for the year.

Alright, I’ll be the one to say it, what’s so great about this cover? I don’t follow the X-Men closely at all.

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The humor with her changing her face to make copies of all the other X-men… and villains… :wink:

I ordered a copy. I don’t read X-Men but that is a cool cover.

Did you read his Weirdworld?

Simply awesome run.

Plus, I love the sloth in this. Also, is that Ahsoka Tano top left!?

It’s original and not an asm 300 homage


First, the composition is really done well. And the subject matter of Mystique making copies of her face, as other people, had me cracking up. It’s not a standard Marvel “characters running towards the camera” cover. Just pretty damn cool. If this was an incentive people would be chasing it.

My bet, before long, some store does a Virgin cover of it and ruins it.


Is the sloth a callback to a old storyline, or is it just a random sloth?

@drunkwooky I think that is Ahsoka

You know a book is cool and a likely a hit when you see the artist post it on instagram and just about every darned other artist out there is commenting on how brilliant and amazing it is.

Random Del Mundo appreciation post (Weirdworld 2015):


I think the jury’s out:

No idea on the 3 toe sloth, I have a feeling it is just due to sloth popularity but if there are ANY comics out there where a shape shifter changes into a 3 toe sloth please share. Heck, a 2 toe would even be acceptable.

Unknown in 5…4…3…2…1…

Weirdworld was a great read…

Lmao was hoping this went unnoticed. Very cool cover

@drunkwooky Nope…not Ahsoka… it’s Destiny. Mike responded directly to my question lol! :slight_smile: