X-men 90’s cartoon Producer in talks with Disney+ to make new seasons

This cartoon probably got a lot of us into comics, would be amazing to see it continue after all this time.

“We’ve had talks, but that’s about it. We’ve made conversation and it’s up to them to make the decision, but we’ve let them know that we’re all available for whatever they want to do in the future.”

I got into comics after reading Amazing Spider-man 142 in the 70’s. After that I was hooked. :wink:

I think my first Wolverine comic off the rack was Hulk #340

My first comic off the rack was asm#250

I originally got into comics cause my older step brother was getting into them.

Then in the early 90s I discovered girls and played sports… didn’t bother with them until 2013 after I and bought the Walking Dead TPB as I was watching the show and wanted to read what they were based on. I guess you can also say I got married and had kids, wife’s not that interesting anymore so I needed a little more entertainment in my life… :wink:

I had a brothers collection to look through before I ever was able to buy a comic.

But the X-men cartoon is the reason that’s always been my strongest focus of my collection. X-men keys I got them all them, wish I could say the same thing about Spider-Man.

I had a few comics as a kid, but the books I first started collecting were Spawn and Witchblade.

I started collecting late 70’s. Collected heavy through the 80’s into early 90’s. Then I took time off till about 05’/06’. I miss the days of walking into a comic shop and buying 20 comics for under $13.

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Grandparents bought my brother a 3pack of A-team (Marvel 1-3)!which I’m liked. Friend was collecting star comics and clued me into a comic shop that opened in our small town. I was into transformers, but the cartoon was no longer on the air (1987), so I went in looking for issue #1, but either I didn’t have enough cash or they didn’t have it. Bought issue 2 instead. Was hooked after that.

Shortly thereafter First off the rack was issue 31.

Still into transformers to this day. But really just the classic body styles. So i really enjoy the masterpiece collections and any knock offs that are true to the Generation 1 forms.

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Happy 30th Anniversary !

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30th? Damn, I’m old.

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