X-men film franchises Quicksilver to appear in Wanda/Vision

All X-men books just doubled in price.:grin: No confirmation that the actor is playing Quicksilver but Evan Peters the actor that portrayed Quicksilver in the X-men films is a part of the cast for Wanda/Vision.


My guess is a character from Young Avengers.

If true, I welcome him as Quicksilver. But if they’re gonna bring him back, wouldn’t they bring back the same actor from Age of Ultron? Hmmm…

I assume Wanda/vision leads up to DR Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness. So it could make sense in a couple ways like multiverse Quicksilver or a Quicksilver plucked from time with time travel or it could be simply a flashback she has when she was a child and Quicksilver was older joining the X-men in Days of Future past just to connect the current film universes.

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He’s a fantastic actor and I loved him as Quicksilver. About a thousand times more that the MCU Quicksilver in fact. As well that kitchen scene in DOFP was the best. Makes me wish I’d picked up that graded copy of x-men #4. Damn you modern newsstands for eating my budget.

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