X-Men Pogs

Was looking for something else, and stumbled upon these. I can’t recall when, where, or how I got them, but guessing some mail in when I was younger. Unpunched too, should be worth enough for me to retire now, right?!?!


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Yes and buy a small private island in the South Pacific!

Y’all are welcome, just pay your way there. I’ll have the booze, beer, and chairs


No local island ladies? Pfftt… I’m out… :wink:

Well I have to get the island first! Under promise and over deliver right?! That’s like you IT guys asking if I’ve tried rebooting yet :wink:


I suppose a nice looking cabin or house boy is just as good too… I’m old, married and my standards have changed… :rainbow_flag:

Haha yeah anyone that can refill the drinks works for me. Alt + F4 am I right?!


You’re set:

On another note, I was the kid back in the day who cut his own pictures out of magazines and glued them to cardboard discs to play pogs. I’d play for keeps and end up getting “official” printed ones. My first scam. Man, if I’d stayed in England I would have ended up full-blown criminal.

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Haha you would have been in the Italian Job for sure (yes I did see you said England).

‘A full blown criminal’ so you mean you would of gone into politics right?

Edit - or maybe you’d be transporting some non-prescription medication to the local clubs and corners