Y: The Last Man Official Trailer


I think it looks fantastic. Just bought the omnibus to binge…

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Damn that looks good

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I’m amazed this is finally getting made after all the delays!


Looks darn good. Im not easily impressed with trailers

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Bout damn time. I don’t watch much TV but this one I’ll definitely watch since I loved the series.

Don’t forget, I did a article on all the key appearances. Hoping some of these end up like The Walking Dead with some heat when they make their appearances on the show.

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Here’s the article in full text if you just can’t bother leaving the forums:

This is an article I wrote way back when news broke with a teaser image they sent out. Seems like this is still in the works (news of the pilot wrapping up) so I’m going to revive my original article that highlights all the key books coming out of Y: The Last Man which if done right, could see some of it’s books (outside from the first issue which as a ton of the main character firsts) pop in value as the characters within are introduced.

Y: The Last Man from Vertigo Comics and the great writer Brian K. Vaughn is coming to life on our screens from FX networks.

This series ran for 60 issues and has a huge cast of characters within the story line.

Main Characters

Yorick Brown

The main character, the last human male on earth after a plague nearly wipes out all living males (which pretty much includes all mammals). First appearance was in Issue #1.


Yorick’s Capuchin Monkey companion who was being raised by Yorick as a potential helper monkey for disabled people. Ampersand is just as important as Yorick in this story. First appearance was also in Issue #1.

Agent 355

First appearance is also in Issue #1. Pronounced Three Fifty Five and other characters refer to her as Three-fifty for short. She’s an agent that is part of the Culper Ring, a secret United States agency. After the plague hits, she’s assigned to be Yorick’s bodyguard.

Doctor Allison Mann

Issue #1 is also Mann’s first appearance. This just makes issue #1 all important besides being a #1, most if not all the stories primary characters all make their first appearance in this issue. She is an expert geneticist and her lab is burned down in Boston. Yorick and 355 accompany her to her backup lab in California where she can seek out the cause of the plague.

Supporting Characters

Jennifer Brown

First appearance is in Issue #1. Yorick’s mother who is also in Congress during the time of the plague. She sequestered herself in the Oval Office to maintain diplomacy and leadership until Margaret Valentine assumes the Presidency.

Beth Deville

Yorick’s girlfriend, who he spends 5 years trying to reach after the plague started. It’s later confirmed that she was going to dump him before the plague and ultimately revealed in the last issue that she and Yorick’s older sister are/were in a relationship. Beth’s first appearance was in Issue #1. If I recall the comics correctly, she actually plays a really small part in the entire story line.

Beth II

Yorick’s one night stand and mother of his child. First appearance in Issue #24. In Issue #44 it’s revealed she gave birth to his daughter and named her Beth Junior.

Hero Brown

First appearance is Issue #1. This is Yorick’s older sister. After the plague she joined the Daughters of the Amazon who learn that the last male alive is headed towards Boston, where she is already living and plans to track and kill the male, not realizing it’s her own brother.


Issue #16 was her first appearance which was likely more of a cameo appearance. Issue #17 reveals more of her motive and dialogue. She is a mercenary ninja instructed to track and kidnap Ampersand under order from Doctor M. She was successful but Yorick and 355 are able to track her down to get Ampersand back. 355 ultimately kills Toyota in a death duel by stabbing her in the head with a broken naginata.

Natalya Zamyatin

A Russian agent sent to retrieve one of the Russian cosmonauts (Vladimir who was also Russian) that die in the crash landing afte escaping the ISS. She sticks around and accompanies Yorick, 355 and Mann to California. It’s later revealed that after Ciba gave birth to Vlad’s son, Natalya successfully escorts him back to Russian where she becomes his bodyguard and mentor. Her first appearance is in Issue #6.

Ciba Weber

Ciba first appeared in Issue #10, online they claim it’s a cameo but it’s a full pane with a bunch of dialogue, I’m going to consider it a first appearance. She was a doctor in orbit with two male astronauts during the start of the plague that crash landed after getting shot down by Alter Tse’elon. Both of the male astronauts did not survive the crash as they forced Ciba out of the burning shuttle first as she was pregnant with their baby, the father is unknown at the time as she had affairs with both men aboard the space station. Later revealed she gave birth to Vlad’s son.

Rose Copen

A spy and demoltion expert in the Australian army. She is Allison Mann’s lover and accompanies Yorick, 355 and Mann to retrieve Ampersand after he is abducted by Toyota. It’s later revealed she was actually sent to spy on the group but still confesses she’s in love with Dr. Mann. She is later impregnated with Yorick’s clone to further Dr. Mann’s research. Her first appearance is in Issue #32.

Yedida “Alter” Tse’elon

First appearance in Issue #1. She is a Israeli lieutenant-general who seeked out Yorick to ensure the future of her nation. She had sparse appearances until the end when she becomes on of the primary villains for Yorick and company. A deranged soldier, it’s later revealed she wanted to be killed by Yorick, claiming since he was the only male left that he was the only one worthy enough to kill her.

Groups and other Notable Characters

Margaret Valentine

Secretary of Agriculture at the time of the plague. Becomes President. First appearance is in Issue #2.

Victoria (Leader of the Daughters of the Amazon)

First appearance in Issue #3. Attempts to kill Yorick but is killed by Sonia.


https://ebay.us/sJVCnCA love interest for Yorick but is short lived after she kills Victoria with an axe to the head after the Daughters of the Amazon track down Yorick and threaten his life. Sonia is then killed by Yorick’s sister with an arrow to the chest. First appearance is in Issue #6.

Daughters of the Amazon

First behind the scenes and mention is in Issue #2. First full appearance is in Issue #3. Group run by Victoria who believe the earth cleansed itself of the Y chromosome and seek out Yorick after learning a male survived the cleansing to kill him.

Dr. Matsumori/Dr. M

Dr. Mann’s father, another geneticist. He’s behind hiring Toyota to retrieve Ampersand as he was originally a monkey from his lab. It’s revealed he created a serum that saved Ampersand from death (which also prevented Yorick from death). He attempts a murder-suicide with Yorick but is stopped by his daughter Dr. Mann after she kills him. First appearance is in a flashback sequence in Issue #47. First full appearance is in Issue #50, first as flashback and then first full appearance.

Dr. Matsumori (Dr. Mann’s Mother)

Dr. Mann’s mother who is a surgeon. First appearance in Issue #44 which I believe would be considered a brief cameo at the end. First full appearance in Issue #45.

Beth Junior

Daughter of Yorick and Beth Brown (Beth II, who later marry but only because they had a child together). First appearance in Issue #44. Becomes President of France which is revealed in the last issue.

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I still don’t fully believe it exists until the first episode is out with how many delays this has had.


I read this series back in high school and really enjoyed it. BKV is one of my favorite writers, this show looks pretty good

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Here is one that I think is a good low price grab that may pay off later. We always see #2 issues or reprints popping because the first print becomes unapproachable. Well, Y the Last Man Double Feature is both a reprint of the 1 issue and includes the second issue to boot, is very approachable at $25, and not many copies on eBay.

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Watched episodes 1 & 2…and boy oh boy, this show is meh.

Seems to be another slow decent into being ■■■■■■ up, like The Strain.

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Time to sell it sounds like

I kind of want to watch and think my wife might like it, but she hates scary stuff. Is it scary or just intense? It seemed to almost have a horror-meets-comedy vibe in the trailer for the show and while she likes comedy, she hates horror.

So is it dead or will another streamer swoop in for it?

I knew the show wasnt good, but DAMN…nobody watched it.

Too much politics.

It’s safe to assume that future movie/tv adaptations of Vaughan’s comics are a LOOOOOOOONG ways off now.

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no one will pick it up, its dead. sell em if you got em

Tried to watch it…got in maybe 3 episodes. Pretty damn boring and abandoned it. Too bad as he’s such a great writer. Perhaps his writing does not translate well to live action media.

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I feel the same way. It looked like it was going to be a good show, but I could just not get into it.

Wow, and I was thinking of subscribing to Hulu just to watch this series. I loved the books.

I’m stunned.