Year Zero - Zombie Epidemic From AWA Comics

AWA - Artists Writers & Artisans is a new comic book creator company to me & news just coming out of novelist Benjamin Percy getting into comic book story telling through AWA is attention worthy I feel. His upcoming comic book Year Zero has a The Dead (2010) movie look & feel vibe coming from the cover art of the comic book & the artwork looks pretty solid.
Check out the AWA link for news & advance artwork:

Anyone know when Year Zero is due to get a street date from AWA ? Liking the premise of a new Zombie comic book in the wake of The Walking Dead just ending.

Benjamin Percy also has a second title through AWA, Devil’s Highway, also due out in the near future.

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First I’ve heard of this, looks pretty cool. I couldn’t find any set release dates though.

Thanks for looking Poyo. Sure to be a full announcement soon I would have thought. It does seem a title to keep an eye on.

There are a few titles on there that look good. I know that one of them is done by Frank Cho.