You promised me darkness

It sucks trying to sell them on the 2ndary market. Buyers don’t want to hear this.

32k sounds way high for a behemoth book.

Fyi- haven’t read it myself but Elite Comics ripped this comic as trash with terrible art in their skip it video. I know its doing well on ebay. Has anyone read the book yet?

around 21 minute mark

I was wondering if the art was going to be as dull as it was in the previews.

I read it and thought it was pretty cool.
Definitely want to read the next issue now.

It surprised me too…if it is correct!

Ive found most Behemoth and Scout books to not be very good tbh.


there not, there never anything more than pump and dump books just like Antarctic press

Yasmeen was a great read, probably their best title last year. A close second is It Eat What Feeds It. But yes, one issue with small publishers and indies is, they’re all hit or miss for the most part.

I did like It Eats What Feed It, but it ended after 3 when it felt like it could have went longer.

Vault is the indie company that consistently makes the best small press monthly books. They rarely catch any heat though.

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No way retailers ordered 32k. I call bullshit.


They might of printed 32k but didn’t sell them all to retailers. I’d imagine these small publishers might print these up to hold and use at conventions cause they always seem to have their books available.