Young Avengers - who, where, and when

As someone who’s grown up with the Young Avengers, I’ve been eagerly anticipating their potential introduction to the MCU, and with the latest Disney+ series, I’m finally confident we may be getting the whole team - both generations.

I’m also convinced Marvel will be deploying a few stealth projects, with Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers/US Avengers on the cards (potentially after Secret Invasion shakes up the in-universe trust in our current heroes), with Young Avengers looking more likely every Disney+ series, and probably within a short timeframe before the cast ages up.

I’ll run through wave by wave, with most of the first batch appearing in Young Avengers #1, volume 1.

Patriot - Eli was briefly introduced in FatWS, and became a little more involved with each episode he was in. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him in Captain America 4, either inheriting super soldier abilities genetically, or receiving them somehow, but I doubt/hope they would tease us like that. 1st appearance Young Avengers #1.

Wiccan - we got young Billy in WandaVision, and hope to see his adolescent self in Doctor Strange 2. 1st appearance Young Avengers #1.

Teddy - Secret Invasion may be a great time to introduce him, or sees him in The Marvels as we delve further into the Kree/Skrull conflict. 1st appearance Young Avengers #1.

Speed - Young Tommy also introduced in WandaVision, will return alongside Tommy. 1st appearance Young Avengers #10.

Stature - pretty much a sure thing given the ageing up of Scott’s daughter in Endgame. 1st appearance (technically) Marvel Premiere #47, but more significantly Young Avengers #6, as Stature.

Iron Lad - was worried with Ironheart on the way, and with Harley Keener’s brief return that Nate wouldn’t get a look in the MCU, but after Loki I’m confident he’ll feature in either season 2 or possibly sooner, in Quantumania, opposite Cassie. Majors is already confirmed as the villain, and I could see Scott apprehensively overseeing Cassie and Nate on a mission against Kang. Suddenly one of my most anticipated upcoming features. 1st appearance Young Avengers #1.

Vision - initially I considered he may introduced alongside Viv, as her brother and OG Vis’ son, and we could still get a Tom King-esque Vision series after White Vis flew away all contemplative - I can see him trying a quiet human life - but equally could be a result of a couple of heroic sacrifices from White Vis and Nate resulting in his creation. 1st appearance Young Avengers #5.

Hawkeye - Hawkeye. Confirmed. 1st appearance Young Avengers #1.

Then the second wave:

America Chavez - confirmed for Doctor Strange 2 (heck yeah). 1st appearance Vengeance #1.

Kid Loki - introduced in Loki, although we could see another Variant take his place. 1st appearance Thor #617.

Prodigy - Marvel have mutants back, and he could be a fun, low-profile pioneer for Homo Superior. Not essential but given his relationship with Speed, very possible. 1st appearance New Mutants #4, volume 2.

Noh-Varr - may be a tricky one to integrate, but many opportunities with Secret Invasion, The Marvels, Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers and the Guardians establishing a new roster. 1st appearance Marvel Boy #1.

We may even get Ms Marvel or Ironheart after their shows, with the Champions looking unlikely before Sam and Miles are introduced.

It may be wishful thinking, but it’s very possible Young Avengers is announced with very little lead-up time, in which case it’s best to have our bases covered early spec-wise.

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts, and any further suggestions for spec, considering Young Avengers #1 has already left the station.


You also have Vision & Scarlet Witch 12 which has Wiccan/Speed as babies.

Isn’t the Vision in YA 5 actually Iron Lad? I don’t believe it’s Vin Vision who first appears with Viv in Vision 1.

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Astonishing Ant Man #6 (2016)— 1st Cassie Lang as Stinger. Could be significant based off what moniker they decide to go with if she is introduced as one of the Young Avengers .


Also have the young guns sketch book which predates young avengers 1 which contained most of the young avengers.


Vision (Jonas) is based on Iron Lad’s brain patterns in the same way OG Vision’s were based on Wonder Man, so he’s as much young Nathaniel Richards as Vision is Simon Williams. Doubt Vin will be showing up, fingers crossed for Viv at some point as she’s an integral Champion.

I am hoping for a Champions TV show at some point, but they would need to work something out with Sony to get Miles in there. I guess you could come up with a team without him, But I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to get Miles in the MCU somehow. I wonder if Sony does have plans for a live action Miles at some point?

I could also see them just making Kamela Khan part of the Young Avengers. Just making a different team of all the younger heroes and just involving America and Kamela. I guess based off who we’ve seen so far and who is confirmed, the Young Avengers would be Iron Lad, Wiccan, Speed, Kate Bishop, America, Kamela Khan and Cassie Lang as Stature/stinger. Maybe they’ll introduce Amadeus Cho in the new She Hulk show too? Now I’m just making stuff up and hoping for things to happen.

I like Cho too.

Rumors of Skaar.

Yeah he seeks she hulks help in getting back child support from daddy.

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