Young Justic 10 - Naomi

Looks like Bendis is announcing Naomi as part of the Young Justice team Starting with issue 10

Taken from Instagram

I like the slow burn approach that DC is using with Naomi.

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Could work in everyone’s favor for sure.

I sold all the copies I got except one. I kept the best one for myself. I’ll be more than happy to unload it one day since all the others I sold paid for the ones I bought + profit already.

im still sitting on a stack of #5 and #6 with a few reprints mixed in somewhere

Still sitting on 3 full sets (with the A and B of #1 for each set).
As I got them for cover I decided to sit and hold for the long haul just in case.
Would have been easy cash previously but I kept thinking about how well I did holding Teen Titans #12 versus selling early.

Guess I’ll see. I enjoyed everything about those books from the story, to art, to the actual quality of the art/paper, etc.

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i think its a pretty safe long hold. bendis and dc are pushing and connecting her into everything. she’s gonna be around for a while i feel


Agreed. The mystery keeps me coming back. Develop the character organically.

Sitting on 4 cgc 9.8 copies of #1 here,
plus a raw #1 that has a bottom staple missing (only flaw).