Young Mace Windu show rumored to be in development

CBR has an interesting rumor; A show centered around a Young Mace Windu is possibly in development. Supposedly Samuel L Jackson is involved. Nothing official but it would make D+ even more money so it makes sense if it is true. Disney love their money!

Anyway, take this with a grain of salt until more concrete news comes out but is true expect to see some heat with early Mace Windu comic appearances.

Here is the original CBR link

First appearance is phantom menace tpb or phantom menace comic #3 with the Darth Maul cover and B cover photo Darth Maul cover correct?

The TPB came out the same day as issue 1.

Super happy I grabbed this at a Facebook sale my LCS had during quarantine. Not a first appearance, but a cool book and young Mace Windu is in it.

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I believe so but not 100% sure. I was collecting a lot of Star Wars stuff back then but did not get any of the movie adaptions so I am not sure which issue he first shows up.Looking online a Phantom Menace #3 is sold out at MCS, Newkadia, Grahamcracker and others…It is a popular Darth Maul cover cover regardless so might be a good idea for collectors to pick up one for the pc.

If true ratio and “classic” covers will gain heat

Collectors usually go for the comic book…Unless the trade is very limited I’m not sure how much collectors will chase it.

I got the set yesterday 1-4 of photo covers for $10 and some shipping there was a ton of tpb so I’ll get one if I need to but they only a couple bucks.

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Typically yes as the Trade comes out after.

But this was a rare instance where the trade came out the same day as issue 1 (and thus before issues 2/3/4).

So a lot of places call the trade the 1st app as it came out before the actual issues.

All can be found cheap so I originally grabbed a few sets with the trade just to be safe when I started doing SW 1st apps.

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Yeah, might be good to pick up for the pc.