Youngblood # 2 - slab or sell raw

I have a about 25 youngblood #2 1st appearance of prophet. Sales have been picking up for this book however should I just sell these raw or slab them. Raw copies are going for about $20-25 bucks while a CGC 9.6 is about $100 and CGC 9.8 $200-300. These books are borderlines 9.6 and with a press the cost would an additional $35 per book to get graded. Is it worth getting these books slabbed or just sell them raw.

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I did a little of both with my WCA#45 the 1st appearance of White Vision. I sold 4 raw and send 3 to get pressed and graded. That was about 6 months ago…

Yep I’d sell enough to pay for the pressing grading expenses on the rest.

I am slightly worried about the CGC turnaround times at over 6 to 8 months with a press. I got a stack of venom books graded last year when they were smoking hot and when i got them back 8 months they barely cover grading fees. Does the Youngblood #2 have staying power?

If I where in your shoes I would send 5 to get graded. And sell 10 raw and keep the other 10 to see how the market plays out. And in 8 months when you get those 5 back from them graders, you can decide what to do with them.

You can’t predict the future but it least you have 10 copies to play with.

Just my opinion…


By the time you get them back they’ll have long cooled off. I think Prophet #21 is a good one to have as well.

Short answer. No.

There are a million copies of that book, and I highly doubt the demand will outweigh the supply. There are currently 892 active listings for Youngblood #2 on eBay alone.


And probably 89200 copies still sitting in comic book shops buried under other boxes in their storage closets… :stuck_out_tongue: