Your Picks For a New TV Series or Movie

I posted this in another Thread as a reply, but thought it might be interesting to see what others think … If you had the Superhuman Ability to Require Hollywood / Netflix / Amazon et al to make a Film or TV Series, what would your series or partial run on a series be … ??

I enjoyed pretty much all the MCU material on Netflix, which was produced without the constraints of Network TV … Punisher, Jessica Jones, etc … I was sad when Disney pulled the plug … I’d love to see a good treatment of ::

(All of These are DC / Vertigo picks, which was my Favorite Imprint for Some Time) … but don’t limit yourself, any Series or Series Run that you particularly liked …

100 Bullets / Brian Azzarello / Eduardo Risso
Transmetropolitan / Warren Ellis / Darick Robertson
The Invisibles / Grant Morrison
Y: The Last Man / Brian K. Vaughan / Pia Guerra

and most especially Fables / Bill Willingham

I could name more, but these are my top five … :vulcan_salute:

Grant Morrison’s Animal Man or a street crime Question series

Great picks both … Welcome to the Forum … where are you from … ??

Tom King’s Vision
The original New Warriors
American Vampire
Punisher kills the MU by Garth Ennis
Saga, I love the series but I also have some to flip.

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I want The Crow and Spawn as weekly live action shows on HBO.

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Id like to see the Adventures of Doctor Aphra and her sociopath droids, BT-1 & 000. Two words. Vader cameos!

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I’m not sure how well it would work outside of the comic-book format, but if someone could make a really weird and wild version of, “The Filth,” I’d be down for that. It would probably work best as a show on Netflix or HBO considering how raunchy AND violent it could be.

Oh snap, they could make a show with just her murdering droids and I’d be down with that.

Did anyone here ever see The Crow tv series from the late 90’s ? It was pretty good, too bad it only lasted one season. I agree with @Alana, an HBO Crow series would be great.

Yes please. I so want this as a show. I know it was coming to FX but I’ve also heard rumors it might of been canceled. I need to dig into the status. I do think a Netflix or Hulu would be more successful but FX does have more money than a lot of the other cable channels so it could fair well on cable.

One book I would love to see as a TV mini-series or if they could do a movie is The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael. Great read, I think would make a great show.

The droids will always need Aphra to play off of. I think thats part of what makes those two droids so lovable. I think Aphra also helps put their psychotic banter into perspective.

That would be a great one for Disney / Marvel … I really like the DR Aphra series …

I’ll add ::

***Although it would be a little tough, but not impossible in this Day and Age, “Maus” by the great Art Spiegelman … I can’t recall any other GN that won a Pulitzer … ***

"Bone" by Jeff Smith would be an excellent animated series …

Kurt Busiek’s “Astro City” would be great as well, IMO

I would like to see a Conan the Barbarian streaming series. Violent with lots action and adventure. High budget and not for kids.

I forgot about Nailbiter.

This. I need to see this on a screen, silver or otherwise. I think it would be better served as a series but to see Prince Robot, Ghus and Izabel properly translated to the screen would just give me a Dragon-sized Nerd-gasim.

Other than Saga, HBO needs to make Ellis’ Planetary.

OH! I’d also LOVE to see Swamp Thing…oh, wait…never mind. :broken_heart:

The funny thing about Saga is I think I recall BKV claiming in an article interview he was trying his best to make this the most impossible book to turn into a movie or show.

I remember hearing the same thing and I thought I read somewhere recently that BKV might have some Paper Girls news coming. I’m not sure if that was the end of the series announcement or some TV/Film thing. I would tune in for Paper Girls.

The only news I know of for Paper Girls is that it’s ending.

A show of Paper Girls would be very interesting as well.