YouTube's Cobra Kai Coming to Comics From IDW

Hollywood Reporter is reporting this new series that starts off of telling the story from Johnny’s perspective immediately after he loses to Daniel.

“This fall, IDW Publishing will publish a new comic book series set inside the continuity of the popular YouTube Premium series Cobra Kai , titled Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues , starting with a four-part story retelling of the events of the original 1984 movie from the point of view of Johnny Lawrence, the villain of the piece — now Sensei Lawrence of his own dojo of misfits and outcasts.”

Seems interesting, especially for you hardcore Karate Kid fans out there. Hopefully it’s done right though or I don’t see this lasting too long.

So is anyone watching this? (Silly question…#1 show on Netflix).

So cheesy and awesome at the same time. Mid 80s was my prime adolescent period…transformers, GIJoe, Star Wars, Goonies, Ghost Busters…

Love how Johnny is stuck in 1984, living in 2019.

It’s on the list as my sister was telling me to watch it. Funny seeing shows that’s been on Netflix and or streaming for quite some time “heat up” with viewers during this pandemic. I think COVID has made show that would go unnoticed go noticed… :wink:

My wife cancelled cable…so Netflix and Disney plus and other Free online streaming Is all we get now.

Its one of the best shows on tv I’ve been watching since it was on youtube season 2 was i think 2 years ago kinda bummed no new seaon til 2021 the kids will all be old.

I think they should do the same thing with Gremlins and Ghostbusters, rumor has it the Goonies sequel will be a show like cobra Kai and not a movie.

That’s good cause that’s a movie you leave it alone… Don’t need sequels and don’t need a remake. Leave it alone, it’s perfect as is. A show is okay but leave the movies alone.

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I binged watched both seasons last week. Awesome. I went out and picked up the IDW books 1-4 yesterday. All B covers but want to read it.

Def a fun series so far. Haven’t finished yet, but hoping to soon.