1 Million Views

Thanks to all the visitors and the regulars especially. The forum hit 1 Million views in record time.

Thanks for everything and keep the comments coming.

Now if I just had a dollar for every page view…



Nice and congrats! Well deserved!

Keep it goin!! 2mill by end of year. The Spec and hype is real.

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Record time? What was 5previous record? :slight_smile:

Also, I bet you’d take a penny for every view too…a million of anything adds up quick…except maybe yen…

Yeah… you could give half to me… :wink:

Stop it…you get a high enough salary and perks as it is!

Congrats keep up the great work!!!

The previous record was zero. Lol. No. It took Chu the better part of a year to get one million views. I broke it down in a forum post not long ago. But compared to Chu the growth of the forum has been incredible.

Yes I would. Sadly I do not get a $1 a view. So you still get nothing. Now back to work.

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We established that @agentpoyo is either a secret millionaire hence his lack of ever getting paid or is chained in @Anthony’s basement working for literal peanuts and gruel. No in-between.

Nope. Just a glutton for punishment.

You’re right… While @Anthony drives a Kia, I’m a step up with my Mazda 3… :wink:

So… you are saying you should pay me to work here? Awesome. Big rich man driving his Mazda can peel off a few bucks.

Is it the turbo charged one?

Heh, no.

I do pay you, every time I do backend work and don’t invoice you… :wink:

If I could reach the camera when @Anthony leaves the basement, I’ll try and snap pics of the chains… for proof… someone needs to seriously come save me… I’ve been telling you all for years about my situation but he just keeps tightening up the chains. I’m very worried about my overall health, all this guy feeds me is enriched white bread with no nutrition and the off brand peanut butter that tastes more like oil than peanuts.

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At least your getting some protein

Haha. Yes. The off brand peanut butter. All I feed him is Skif brand peanut butter from the dollar store

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