1st App of Omega Release May 2022? Preview Bad Batch Screen Comix GN

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is bound to get the blood boiling:


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If Bjorn Barrends 3D renderings are considered comic art, then this must also be considered comic art. That’s my opinion.
Hell, a majority of all comic art is now “drawn” on a tablet.


this can be graded that 300 page novel can not


I’m not trying to be antagonistic, but why do people focus on something “being graded” as the dispositive criterion for something be a first or worth considering in collectible comics?

I do not like digital art.
I do not like graded comics
I do not like amalgam characters or edits on existing major characters.
Mylites, archive backing boards, Pencil, paper, ink, and color is where it’s at for me.
But like with everything else in the hobby these days, it’s not about what I like; it’s about what everyone else likes when looking to profit.


These Screen Comix are not really my cup of tea to be honest. Given a finite amount of money and the hypothetical option between a screen shot graphic novel Omega appearance and a hand drawn appearance in a 22 page floppy, I’d pay for the 22 page floppy every time.

Having said that, these Screen Comix books are like $8 and I buy a couple in case the kids all go nuts and want to pay hundreds for them. Also as insurance against my future self getting FOMO and paying hundreds for them. Not that I think that will happen. The Mandalorian Screen Comix have gone exactly nowhere on the aftermarket.

Where are these Screen Comix things initially sold at? I’m not averse to adding a copy simply to have one for the collection. I’ve only ever seen them on eBay and bought the Clone Wars and Mandalorian ones (both incoming).

I’d rather have them on my bookshelf and let everyone else argue over what they are or aren’t.

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TFAW. Also seen them in bookstores like BAM!

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So SW Insider (208?) is the true first in any form of printed media.

Done. ScreenComix is #2. Unless Sprouse has someone in the waiting….any variants with upcoming FOCs and no art yet revealed hmmm…?

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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=star+wars+screen+comix&crid=3AWHR2AKJCXL2&sprefix=star+wars+screen+comix%2Caps%2C82&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

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Star Wars 22, Bounty Hunters 21,
and Doctor Aphra 19 are unrevealed with FOC coming up.

Sweet! I bought the Bad Batch and the virgin SW Insider edition yesterday. That’s an unexpected bonus on the Bad Batch edition