Star Wars The Clone Wars: The First Appearance of The Bad Batch in Comics?

This is bound to get some blood boiling:

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Pfffftt…if folks consider previews, ads, flyers, inserts, etc firsts…why not.
Thank you! I think it’s cool regardless and ordered one just because.


I bought two copies. They came in a simple Amazon bubble mailer but both are in almost pristine condition without bending, scuffing, or folds to the covers and pages. Of course, this is all subject to the vagaries of your specific postal carrier, so mileage may vary.

This was an “insurance purchase” for me. As a huge Star Wars fan, it really pisses me off when I miss a publication and all of sudden people are demanding asinine prices. I don’t care if this is broadly recognized as a true comic first. I’m just insuring against later frustration.

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“Where the Screen Comix really fail is the inclusion in Brittanica of the idea that “[t]he story is usually original in this form.”

Don’t tell anyone paying big bucks for Hier to the Empire #1…because that story ain’t original.

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Nice find, Wookie. I think the size of that SW book will be a big detractor for some 'comic book’s enthusiasts. 316 pages is a really thick ‘comic book’.
Having said that, this market is insane, so, who knows in the long run. :beers:

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Where the two differ, is the art in Heir to the Empire is original to the comic. The story was told in book form, but the art and dialogue are original to the story. The same argument can be made for Star Wars 1977 #1/2/41/42/43 etc…which are considered first apps of those characters, but they are movie adaptions so the story isn’t original (yes there is a Boba debate but no matter which book you go with all are Empire adaptions).

Where the Screen Comix differs is neither the art (show screen shots) or the dialogue (directly from the show) are original to the comics. It’s literally the show printed in paper form.

Where as Heir to the Empire and 1977 Star Wars were adapted stories, the art and exact dialogue are original to the comic.

That being said I did order a screen Comix go over my bases as you never know with this SW market.

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Ok…if a few sites and ole Key Collector can pump and dump that Clone Wars Webcomic Collection the way they are, then this book 100% is the 1st of the Bad Batch and I’m all in as you’ve stated.

Already purchased, may just get more lol.


I think everybody will be poo pooing on Clone Wars Screen Comix, but when that Mando Screen Comix book comes out, they’ll change their tune. “First Grogu!!!” “First Mando!” “First Cara!!” “FIRST ALL THE THINGS!!!”

“New comixzxbookzexclussivez variant Screen Comix!!! Exxxtrem3!!!”


those screen comix remind me of being a lil jimmy at the scholastic book fairs and them having Tokyo pop manga for stuff like SpongeBob where they just grabbed stills from the cartoon and added speech bubbles

Mando isn’t a comic, it’s live action photos. That’s also a factor.

Which brings us to…”what is a comic book…?”

To me, I think that only comic book size, and at the most trade paperbacks, should be sought after. Marvel previews being in comic book format I’m even iffy on. Otherwise your jumping to magazines, books, newspapers, it never ends

When USPS tells me I can’t ship my “comics” via Media Mail, that’s when I tell them I’m not shipping comics, I’m shipping graphic novels that are split into different issues. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s when they tell you they have discretionary police power and also arrest powers.

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That’s when I tell them, then arrest me, I need a break from the family anyways… :wink:

I got a letter from the postmaster general once after continuously using media mail. One warning was enough for me.


They know where I live!

I know where you live…

Nah, that was my old address.