2019 NFL Season

Hello, CHUniverse. I know that football is a pretty far leap from comic book speculation, but, I also know that a lot of us also passionately follow the NFL. I wanted to create this post as an outlet for all us comic fans to talk about our favourite teams, players, etc.

I am a RAIDERS fan of 30 years and Im very much looking forward to this upcoming season, with optimism, for my RAIDERS. So, let us know who you will be cheering for this season, and lets hope Bane doesnt have any nefarious plans that involve Hines Ward or any Stadiums’ infrastructure.


Be interesting to see how things work out for A. Brown and your Raiders. Good lord that fellows feet are a mess. I know people have mixed feelings on him, but I have some great memories watching him play for my alma mater Central Michigan University. I’ll always be a fan of his… attitude and all. I don’t have to live or play alongside him.

All I know is… Dan Snyder still owns the Redskins so they’re gonna suck this year. Once you realize your team isn’t gonna do good, no reason to sweat over the upcoming season. :slight_smile:

Try being a Detroit fan! :slight_smile:

Fantasy, Poyo. Every team is your team when you play fantasy. My friends and I have a trophy and money on the line, which always makes the season fun and interesting.

I have complete faith in AB. Its too early to pushing him in camp any way. Hes been in Cali working with Carr for months already, he doesnt need camp or pre season to be ready. His mentorship regarding what it takes to succeed in the NFL is priceless in the locker room. He has embraced his role as a vet and a leader in the locker room. He is showing the young guys the dedication that it takes to be the best.

Detroit is so bad, as a franchise, that their consistent ineptness made Barry Sanders, and Megatron retire early. Thats how bad Detroit is. At least you got thanksgiving. lol

Football makes me sleepy… for some reason fantasy leagues (for every sport) are just boring to me.

Haha… true. At least my team has a few rings and championships thus far…

If healthy, the 49ers will be contenders this year! Can’t wait!

I’ve been in the same 12 man league with my high school/1st year college buddys since 1992. We designed it as a 3 man keeper league way back then. Unique in that regard but fun nevertheless. Makes drafting a bit more interesting in a keeper league.
We initially raises the ante $10 every year but ultimately capped it at $200. We also charge $5 a transaction though so the pool becomes pretty good.
I actually won last year…had Mahomes, Kelce, Kamara, and D. Adams on my squad.

Again, with a keeper league it makes it interesting…I grabbed Kamara his rookie year in around the 8th or 9th round and have kept him since. Grabbed Mahomes in like the 6th last year. I’m going to have to give up someone good this year though.

I remember having to wait till Tuesdays newspaper arrived so we could use the box scores to score out league. Fantasy football has really changed since then.

I’m thinking top 10 for the Skins. They have a championship caliber defense in place. Jordon Reed’s having a stand out preseason at tight end and appears to be back in top form. the rookie wide out is breaking out of the pack and getting praise from Landon Collins who should know. AP is back. They’re soooo stacked at running back you may look back in 20 years and see all 3 have worked their way into the Hall of Fame barring injury. Two veteran QB’s more than capable of handing the ball off and managing an offense. Wild Card in the rookie QB. We find out tomorrow who’s getting the nod for starting QB. The offensive line has some beasts if they just stay healthy. Even the hold out has a serviceable replacement now that made the Pro Bowl 2 years ago. Excellent kickers. Enough talent at wideout that at least one should be able to step up and the tight ends aren’t acting like they plan on needing them too. even Mr Irrelevant last year is having a breakout camp. They drafted a ballhawk that should turn a few heads.

Is there any team in the league looking forward to having Sweat and Kerrigam coming at their QB with those Alabama beasts in the middle? They may not have the highest ranked secondary but pressure takes the heat off that problem many times over.

I think this year it lives or dies with the O-Line again. If they stay healthy, top 10, if they fall off to injuries the should still be better off in terms of depth than the last two years but it’ll make things more interesting down the stretch. They almost limped into the playoffs last year after a hot start.

By the back half of the season they should have that rookie running back in the mix as well. He may end up being the best of all of them. There’s just not enough snaps in a game to keep those 3 happy.

You are super optimistic about Washingtons chances, eh, @BlondeStabby. Reeds problem is he cant stay healthy for more than a game or two at a time. I do like Haskins, but he will need some time to learn the pro game and he will need a better receiving corp than Doctson and Richardson. McCoy and Keenum aren’t going to take you anywhere. Donald Penn is not what he once was two years ago on the Oline (Trust me, I watched every snap of his last few seasons) and Sweat and Kerrigan will be liabilities in the pass game. I am unfamiliar with the Skins’ Dline, but their secondary is impressive on paper, and Collins is a beast. I think Washington will have their work cut out for them this season if they are to be 8-8 or have a chance at the playoffs. I dont see their defence or offence being in the top 15 this season. They are too dysfunctional with Snyder and his yes man, Jay Gruden.

I’ll be optimistic the day Snyder sells the team to someone who cares…

Only time will tell but when he’s on, which he is right now there aren’t many better and he becomes a nightmare to match up with, especially if the QB situation has them leaning heavily on the run which is the common sense approach to this season seeing how stacked the running backs are. Mckoy has years of experience in the system and should be a perfectly capable game manager. Keenum almost made it to the Super Bowl so it’s not like he can’t at least manage a game as well. Haskins has tremendous upside but it’ll come with some rookie mistakes to be expected but should be fun and with a stingy defense and run first approach that could be the perfect learn on the job formula to get him in early in the season if not game 1.

Tim Settle came in down in weight and hungry and is pushing an already loaded D-Line for more time on the field. He should be fun to watch again in preseason blowing up 3rd stringers.

I dont see their defence or offence being in the top 15 this season.

I don’t see the Offense there but the Defense may be the stongest group Washington’s ever assembled.
Jonathan Allen
Matt Ioannidis
Daron Payne
Tim Settle

4 names you’ll see in Pro Bowl discussions for years to come. All of them young.

That’s why we play the games. Gruden may or may not be a yes man but either way it’s the longest stretch of continuous coaching we’ve had in decades. This is the year to show. Last year should have been if not for the freak injuries wave. They’d pulled into top 10 rankings before the injury bug set in and that was with Alex Smith no one was wowed by.

Sweat is a freak brought in to make the passing game a nightmare. 6 feet 6 is insane and even if he doesn’t get there, you’d have to throw over his wingspan which is never great for accuracy. Kerrigan had 13 sacks last year without Sweat splitting the attention and Landon Collins having his back.

Well, Id rather see him in peak form towards the end of the season, as opposed to a month before the start of the season. But being healthy in preseason week 1 is a good start.
The NFCE is a tough division with PHI and DAL, the Skins will have their work cut out for themselves.
Im not a fan of WSH but I do have a Riggins figure among my McFarlane NFL figures, as a tribute to a friend who was a lifelong Skins fan, who is no longer with us. I do carry a soft spot for the team for that reason.

I’m with you @agentpoyo Dan Snyder needs to go, but I bleed Burgundy and Gold so I still have to watch every Redskins game no matter how bad they are.

Lifelong 49ers fan. Can’t wait for the season to start and I’m very optimistic what this year might bring.

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Quest for 6!

I’m sorry for your loss, if there is anything we can do to help you in your time of grief let us know.