2023 New Years Resolutions Thread

I’m not a “resolution” kind of guy. I’m not superstitious and if I feel something should get don’t wait for the first of the year to make a commitment.

That being said, it’s still good to have goals for 2023, and fun to reflect back on 2022 and think how 2023 may be different in positive ways.

This thread is meant to be comic/collectible themed. But feel free to share any other goals you may have for 2023.


I’ll kick it off. I’ve found myself really scaling back on speculation…much more picky. I see that continuing into 2023.

I’m also going to put up my bigger (graded) books on platforms like Comic Link and/or MCS and try those out. I’ve been hesitant in using eBay/mercari for this in fear of scammers.

In past years I’ve had goals of better organizing and inventorying my collection (I have a catalogue in my head, but every so often I’m stumped not being able to find a book and not knowing if I sold it years ago). Maybe this will be the year…?


My collection has grown far bigger than I wanted and I’m running out of room. I now have over 100 long boxes. So…

  • cut back on regular covers
  • buy more ratios

I bought less than 50 books this entire year. I’d like to continue that in 2023. If print runs go down I’ll probably buy more books.


My plans are for more Modern Newsstands, Silver, Bronze & Copper Age keys. Less Moderns and New Releases.


I cut back on buying in the last year and plan to cut back even more this year. Try to get rid of more comics hopefully by selling. The main thing is to get everything organized and boxed up so I can find a certain issue or series easy.


Bought ZERO exclusive store variants in 2022 and shall continue in 2023.

And need to get more organized knowing where books are :rofl:

Get better at grading books via online pics everything is a 10.0 in the right angle and lighting… ughhh :face_vomiting:

Also includes don’t buy any books if seller doesnt put up pics of the back. Got burned couple times but the prices was low enough to take risk… anything over $25 I need to see more pics.

Learn more about other collectible markets…

Low on list cause of pure fear of messing up comics is learning to clean/ press my own books…

Also thank all you CHU members who share in your niche expertise! :+1:


My New Year’s resolution is to sell more and drink more water.



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Happy new year all. Really thankful for all of you.


Happy new year! Glad to put 2022 behind.

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2023 - start subbing more books that are NOT high on the census.
Tired of having to eat crow on books that everyone else subs also; making them a buyers market.


I have a joke about how years ago I made a resolution to quit making New Year’s resolutions and plan to stick to it.

That said, for a personal goal I will continue walking at least once a week whenever I’m able as that has helped my health. I continue to cut back on new-release comics besides ones I know I’d like to read or can easily flip as my backlog of stuff to just read has gotten far too big.


Less quantity, more quality. I don’t need every variant.


Less modern speculation (which I actually started in January 2022).

Continue to support KickStarter’s. Coffin Comics (Lady Death) has some wicked great covers! The swag that some of them offer is a bonus. I bought mainly for the covers but some of the comics had solid story telling as well. Not all, but definitely some. The NSFW covers on some are pretty spectacular :flushed: :smiley: :innocent:

Newsstands, Euro editions and obscure manga are high on the list.

I did great in 2022 of adding to my collection and didn’t sell a single comic. I want to see what is going to happen with the comics world, economy and ??? thresholds before I do that again. Or at least have a solid game plan prior to selling. Some surprises (taxes) suck and I’m not good at them anyway. LOL

Sadly, I don’t really do resolutions but I’m on a path of less comics this year and doing other things career wise while also likely doing other activities that aren’t collectible market related. Going for more experience and memory rather than accumulating more “stuff”…

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Like others, cutting WAY back on modern spec. I would spend $500 each month at TFAW. I could be getting something nice for that instead. I’ve had some nice wins, but why gamble when you can get a sure thing (more sure, anyway). I’m now up to 165 short boxes - would like to bring that down to about 30. I started “filtering” during the holidays but still have a LOT to do.

I haven’t sold any of my collection but it may be time. I’ll probably have 20 boxes of dollar bin fodder and a ton of minor spec in the $10-$20 range. I’ll consider consigning $50+ books through MCS or slab and sell based on demand.


Good plan.
I’m reasonably sure I’ve lost $$ on key Bronze/Silver over the years; but honestly I can’t remember one instance in which I did.
A 5 → 7 year plan with the above is very high probability of success


I plan on spending more on arcade cabinets. We are getting a lot of use out of Mortal Kombat Arcade 1up. Now I want to get a Pac Man one


My New Years Resolution no more Comics, Star Wars Action Figues, or Funko Pops. I am going cold turkey for 2023. I will be waiting for my past TFAW orders to come in and that will be it. Going to go and break the news this weekend to my LCS.

Also going to sell about 60-80% of my collection to save up for a truck.

And lastly going to start working on my art work. Hopefully one day you see my name on some books. I have a list going on some characters I want to draw, but if anyone has any suggestions, shoot them my way.

HAPPY NEW 2023!!!