2nd 3rd and 4th printings!

New printings are available figured I’d give you guys a heads up. These are for FOC 8/10 so no images available just posted a few hours ago. Save money order early!!

Venom 27 2nd print
Thor 5 3rd print
Captain Marvel 18 2nd print
Wolverine 2 2nd print


Probably better off using links rather than screenshots that dont show any cover art.

Yup…Have those pre- ordered except the Wolverine

Going to hold out for the 12th printing. That one is gonna be the one to get.

Thor 5 3rd print

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Venom 27 2nd print

where are you seeing the cover images ?

Previews has them

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Unknowncomics that’s where I ordered from

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FYI, you can link directly to the image URL and they should populate here. The forums will even attempt to pull down the image so it’s stored locally. :wink:

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Awsome Thor #5 3rd print cover. Added more to my order.

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Lightened my load on this Venom cover. It was a ‘meh‘ to me.


I got two Venom #27 second prints and two of the Thor #5 third print before I saw the covers. Kinda thinking I should’ve gotten one Venom and three Thor now having seen covers, but it is all good.

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I can’t find where I mentioned the 2nd print was a failure and I was waiting for the third and a 1st Full Black Winter + cover…

And here it is. Going to order a couple. Need to dump by 2nd and first prints now…

I really hope someone doesn’t pick this up and do a virgin variant…

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With all the Cover 6s featuring Black Winter Thor, and all the reprint fatigue possibly setting in…wonder how heavily ordered this will be…

Need more Black Winter… keep on a print’n to keep’em a com’in… Yeeee Haaaaaaww!!!


The best part is this comes out the same week Ice Cream Man 20 2nd Prt comes out (9/2). So if I can only find a place that is selling both befor their FOC cut-off…many Cut off tonight.

Ah crap.

Let me know if you find one.

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