5th 6th and 7th Printings!

Because they happen.


Thor #2 5th Print
Thor #2 6th Print
Thor #3 5th Print


Venom #25 5th Print

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So many printings…how high can they go!

Out of curiosity though what is the most printings a comic has had?

From an old post from another forum, I found this post from 2014:

26th printing


Wow, it was in it’s 26th printing in 2009. It’s had a 2013 printing, I don’t know what number it’s on, just says “current printing”

Yep JTHM is the best I have two first prints

I had the opportunity to purchase a cgc 9.8 1st print 4 or 5 years ago for $1200… and I didnt buy it! :man_shrugging::man_facepalming: I had already spent around $5k at the con and my wife was looking at me sideways when I was reaching for my wallet again.

The Killing Joke has 14 printings I think. Not 26 but not too shabby.

God bless. Thor is going to break me. Why did I decide to make 3 sets again?

Nice, sooner or later we are going to be able to read the whole comic on the reprint covers!

I’m pretty sure Walking Dead #1 has to be in the hundreds now with all the different con variants.

What printing did Star Wars #1 Marvel end up at (not the 70s but after they got licensing back from Dark Horse).

It had like 100 variant covers

It went to a 7th printing