A look back when we talked Black Panther

Ill leave you with a few more that we never had a chance to discuss. RIP King

Avengers #1 2010 1st Cameo Azari son of Black panther including a 1:25 djurdjevic variant.

Avengers #6 2010 1st full Azari There is a 2nd one panel cameo in #2

Shuri #1 1:50 Travis Charest 1:25 Jamal Campbell

Klaws of the Panther #1 2010 1st solo Shuri series Has a 1:10 Stephanie Hans variant.

Black Panther #1 MEFCC Dubai Horn Stan Lee variant.


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Ok they all fixed

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Solid write-ups. I’ve been specing a bit on Shuri as Black Panther just because I loved her character in the movie, and it seemed like a direction Marvel would want to go in. That JSC cover of her as BP in issue #1 and then #5 are must haves, as they were prior to the tragic news.

His death also affects the Storm / BP romantic storyline that some thought would introduce the X-Men.

I hope they just keep it at the one movie there is enough other characters they can use starring in a Marvel movie instead of recasting or cgi and changing what would of been.
I added the new books to complete the past, present, and future of the legacy of the Black Panther because it brings the first time we talked Civil War and Black Panther full circle in the 4 years we were lucky enough to see Black Panther on the silver screen.

they wont recast,marvel clearly knew what was happening which is why bp2 was so delayed. its gonna be shuri taking up mantle. maybe in 5-10 years they will but not now

How does the Black Panther Annual #1 (2008) play out in the Shuri story?

Look at Anthony’s 2015 article saying Shuri first appears in Marvel Mangaverse #3 she actually does but it’s not revealed to be her until #5 this does predate Black Panther #2 by a couple years.

That’s T’Channa from Earth-2301

Yep but due to Spiderverse and Spidergeddon it doesn’t matter what Earth she comes from, every different Earth is in Marvel continuity. So if you don’t want to call her first Shuri you can call her first sister of Black Panther that uses arm Blasters predates Shuri.

Shuri #2 (2018) has a great cover of her wearing the Black Panther suit. Not the first time since she wore the suit back in the Black Panther 2009 run, but the Shuri series rebooted her character to be more in line with the movie.

So I guess, first time movie Shuri wears the suit? There’s also a 2nd print.

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I bought ALOT of that 2nd print when it came out. Had a feeling that the cover would be on fire down the road…

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I think they always planned to pass the mantle… I read that Boseman was reportedly not happy about those plans.

So I went back to open this book and Shuri is definitely Black Panther. That said, it’s a different universe (and one in which the Black Panther kills Iron Man!)!

image image

Great catch doesn’t matter what Earth it takes place on it all counts due to Spiderverse and geddon.

She’s in the whole book as Shuri and 3 or 4 Panels as Black Panther so that should be first Shuri as Black Panther not the following Black Panther series #5.

This is the rest of her as Black Panther

This Shuri 1:25 cover from Black panther #2 2018 is getting hard to find online you may have it this is the Killmonger symbiote issue. Might even be at your LCS was a $5 book a couple weeks ago.

What book is this from?

The first Shuri as Black Panther is Black Panther Annual #1 which the comic strip shots are from

If your talking about the Shuri variant above that’s Black Panther #2 1:25 2018 1st Killmonger Symbiote

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This annual pre-dated Vol 5 #1 by a year. It’s a different universe version of Shuri as Black Panther, but I guess based on other scenarios like this in the past, this book should be on fire. I just sold a copy of vol 5 #5, and have 2 others I’m about to list. I also have a 9.8 candidate of the #1 j scott campbell cover. I feel like I need to hedge my bet now and look for this one… orrrrrr you can delete the thread and pretend this never happened…