A thread for organizational lunatics

For some of us, part of the joy of collecting is the organization of the books. It’s a bit of control and order in a chaotic world. This thread may not apply to all. But, if you have ideas on how to level up your organization, drop it here.

I’ve made the leap into custom divider labels. I’m about 50 in. They are fairly entertaining to create (my background is in graphic/web design), but determining what gets the label is part of the challenge. And, my printer kinda stinks, so I’m going to bring these in somewhere to get a higher quality print made.

I’ll report back with some pics of the actual dividers when done.


These are amazing! I will need to grab some of these images off you in the future when I finally get around to organizing my books. I’ve got longboxes that are a complete mess right now. Bookmarked this thread.

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These are really cool…nicely done!

I need something like these but ones that fit on standard note cards…

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@Joe Those are fantastic! Well done. I don’t know if you saw my thread about using those for my “sales” comics at conventions. I though it would just add a bit of the ole flair to my offerings. I can’t tell you how many compliments I received.

I however, am embarrassed to say I have zero skills with that sort of thing and paid for mine. While I love them, and they were worth every bit of the cost…they weren’t necessarily cheap when you start talking the number of categories of comics there are.

Awesome work.

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I’ll gladly upload JPGs of these sheets when I’m done if anyone wants to give them a try. The sheer volume of them is the real challenge. I probably need 150 of them to cover current dividers.

I did most of these last Sunday while watching my Green Bay Packers stink up the joint. Their play really encouraged a “focus on something else” vibe.


It’s really important to me that my collection is always organized alphabetically. Just in case a book heats up I can find it easily.

I’ve also started switching over everything into the plastic comic bins from BCW. They look much nicer and have slots on each end to add index cards to describe what’s in the bin.

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Update: my printer just wasn’t cutting it. I hit up a FedEx print store, and for 75 cents per print, I got these printed at a far higher quality. They look better than I had hoped for.

Slow process, but they look awesome.



Those look good !

Very snazzy!

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What does the blue tape mean?




I have to figure out how to make these in to stickers :slight_smile:

#2… CAN I Get a request for a creation of one?

Street Fighter

You could sell a boatload of these at cons

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I have blue scotch tape on incentives with the ratio number written on it. 1:10, 1:25, etc.

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I just print them on Avery full sheet labels and cut each out. That’s the painstaking part.

Street fighter….

And be sued by the owners?! I think the different comic companies might have a problem with someone using their IP and making money off it.

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I still do about 10 conventions per year and the amount of vendors selling crap (posters, mugs, trinkets, keychains, on and on and on and on) with questionable IP content is astounding.

I have to believe some percentage have gotten “caught” and been asked to cease and desist. But from what I have seen, it hasn’t made a dent whatsoever in non-approved IP content being used on homemade stuff.

Finally - odd story - I had asked a regular run-of-the-mill virtually no name artist to commission a Rugrats drawing. He wouldn’t do it citing IP concerns. I think that was the one and only time I actually was denied a commission or sale of something due to IP concerns.


There’s a guy who makes these and sells them online. Full e-commerce site. I don’t think Marvel’s legal team cares a ton about these small things. They are probably fighting bigger things constantly.

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I agree

Still doesn’t make it right if one is selling these… I wouldn’t support or buy these unless they’re licensed. Rewarding bad behavior is not good.

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